Breaking Old School Myths: Stop Counting Calories

Breaking Old School Myths Stop Counting Calories
Breaking Old School Myths Stop Counting Calories

In today’s article, I’ll reveal the shocking truth why counting calories is simply outdated, or in other words, suuuuper old school. But before we dive in, tell me!

Are You One Of Those Peeps Who Are Still Counting Calories?

Do you still believe that if you reduce your calorie intake a.k.a eat less, you’re going to get rid of those nasty pounds and lose weight?

Do you feel bad after eating that super delicious creamy chocolate cake because it probably has 1 gazillion calories and you need to train a minimum of 45 hours in the gym to work that off again?

Ha, I feel you and let me tell you, you’re not the only one!

I usually need to de-brainwash my clients before I’m even able to start working with them, counting calories is still very present in all of our heads.

Yes, we’ve all been tricked and in today’s article I’ll blow one of the biggest nutrition myth of all time and I’ll share with you some of the main reasons why I truly believe counting calories is a waste of time and energy.

Are Not Created Equal!

If you compare a 200 calorie snack of junk food with a 200 calories snack of veggies and fruit – which one is better for your body?

A calorie is a calorie and they’re both 200 calories, so where’s the difference, right?

Wrong, that’s such an antique notion!

This would mean that we completely disregard the actual contents and ingredients of the food we put in our bodies, because we are too busy with counting calories and focusing on a number, which is mostly a rough estimation anyway.

I must admit, by definition calories produce units of energy provided by a certain food, that’s true, but to believe that they are all the same is like saying a rhinestone and a diamond are equal because they both shine brightly.

As everything in life, the quality is what matters most!

Ok, so let’s have a look at the difference between healthy, nutrient rich food and lousy, cheap – I call it – dead food.

Yes, I know, that’s probably a bit over dramatic, but hey, I just want to emphasize the difference (plus, it’s not

such a false statement anyway)

Calories from nutrient-poor foods will spike your insulin levels, dull satiety signals, encourage overeating and set off cravings. Not so good! Whereas nutrient rich foods minimize cravings, signals your brain your belly is full, helps maintain stable blood sugar levels and keeps your hunger at bay. YAY!

As you see, calories from refined carbs and nasty processed food are having a totally different effect on your body than calories from nourishing healthy food.

It’s All About The Hormones!

If you’ve been following me for a while you probably already know that I’m a huuuuge fan of hormones, once you’ve realized how they are operating inside your body, you can easily use them as a support system for your weight loss journey.

The fact is, hormones are probably THE single most important and overlooked aspect to losing stubborn body fat.

If the premise of calories in, calories out would be correct, then eating 500 calories of fat and 500 calories of sugar would produce the same results. Bad news

for all my sugar addicts out there because that just ain’t the truth.

All the macronutrients like fat, carbs and protein influence and trigger hormones in different ways. As an example, non-fiber carbs trigger the release of insulin but fat does not.


It’s a vital hormone that has alarming side effects. It generally stabilizes blood sugar, stores fat and pushes nutrients into cells. Unfortunately, it can also lead to type II diabetes and insulin resistance.

In other words, if your hormones are out of balance, weight gain becomes much easier because your body holds on to excess fat. Imagine your body as a wholesome biological system that reacts to different foods with varying hormonal response.

This is one of the main reasons why a calorie is not a calorie, because depending on what kind of food you eat, it directly influences your metabolism.

In either a very good, a bad or very bad way!

Awesome, so we’ve been talking a lot about the various reasons why counting calories is kind of, ahem, I mean super old school, but how can you move on from here? Especially

if you’re trying to reduce your body fat and get rid of those nasty last pounds?

Keep it simple!

  • Start by making healthy swaps with your snacks and meals.
  • Always check the ingredient lists and remember, the more ingredients, the more processed it is.
  • Cut out fried foods, sugars, sodas, processed foods and anything that can be ordered in a drive-thru.
  • Feed your body with whole, natural foods that send the message of satiety to the brain and provide the body with nourishing nutrients.
  • Get rid of your scale and re-connect with your body.
  • If you’re eating the correct portions and food that is from natural, whole sources, you really don’t need to worry much about the rest.
  • Always remember that different calories have different effects on your body. It’s all about the right ingredients and nutrients of your food.
  • We should NOT let our lives be determined by numbers, live was meant to be enjoyed!

Now it’s your turn! Was this article helpful?

What are your thoughts? What’s your experience with counting calories?

PS: If you know someone who is over obsessed with counting calories, please share it with them!