5 Myths About Carbonated Water Debunked

facts and myths about carbonated water

On a hot summer day, a glassful of chilled seltzer water is all you need to quench your thirst. Since the time of its introduction, carbonated water has become quite a rage for being a refreshing drink that’s best when chilled. However, despite all the popularity, it’s been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. Here are 5 common myths and facts about carbonated water that has been doing the rounds for too long.

1. Carbonated Water Weakens Bones

carbonated water and loss of calcium


Several long-term studies have proved that not all carbonated drinks can cause demineralization of bones. In fact, regular consumption of carbonated sugary drinks can be more harmful to the bones. This is due to the presence of phosphorus in them that promotes the removal of calcium from the body through kidneys. However, carbonated water doesn’t have any ingredient that can cause calcium depletion from bones or teeth.1

2. It Can Cause Dental Cavities

carbonated water causes dental cavities


Dental cavities are more likely to occur in mouths that have a persistently acidic environment. This can happen due to excessive intake of sugary or acidic foods and beverages. If you are fond of drinking plain carbonated water, you won’t be at risk of developing dental cavities.  As long as it’s plain carbonated water with no added citric acid or sugar, then the answer is no.

But if you are a huge fan of carbonated beverages that are high in salt and sugar, your teeth enamel will wear off faster leading dentin sensitivity and cavities. For the sake of your teeth, consume only plain carbonated water without any additives.2


3. It’s Good For An Upset Tummy

sparkling water can cause heartburn

Any bubbly drink is contraindicated for consumption if you have a sensitive digestive system. In people who already have frequent episodes of belching, heartburn, flatulence, and indigestion, drinking any carbonated beverage can cause the symptoms to worsen.


Drink plenty of plain water and avoid having carbonated beverages if you are prone to IBS or other gastrointestinal disorders. If you don’t have such issues, you can have carbonated water without worry.3

4. It Can Make You Gain Weight

carbonated water can cause weight gain


Ideally, carbonated water is just water filled with pressurized air. Check the ingredients of the fizzy water brand you buy. Products with flavor enhancers or additives as ingredients may not be a healthy choice for you in the long run. Plain water is the best if you are keen on maintaining a healthy weight or planning to lose some pounds.

Some studies have revealed that the hunger hormone ghrelin raises with the consumption of plain carbonated water. this myth could be partially true but it depends on how often you drink fizzy water and what it’s made of. But plain carbonated water is definitely better than other carbonated beverage or juices any day.4


5. It’s Healthier Than Regular Water

the difference between carbonated and plain water

The hydrating benefits of both sparkling and plain water are the same. The former tastes better so it leaves you feeling more refreshed. However, no scientific evidence is present to back this claim. Drinking adequate water is essential for maintaining your vitality. You can derive it from either plain water or its carbonated form. However, drinking sweetened carbonated beverages daily is not recommended if you are mindful about your health.


If you love drinking plain carbonated water, go ahead and gulp it down but remember to take a good look at the list of ingredients. It should be devoid of sodium, sweeteners or any flavoring agents for it to be considered a healthy choice.