Mushrooms Good For Health: Myth Debunked

How Can Mushrooms Improve Your Health?

The key to good health is prevention, but when we are already ill the approach we need to take is that of integrating myco-therapy alongside conventional medical treatments. This is especially important when dealing with serious illnesses. Myco-therapy can help you treat different health issues and, most importantly, prevent them.

What Is Myco-Therapy?

Mycologyis the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi, so what’s myco-therapy? Myco-Therapy is the therapy that involves the use of one or more mushrooms in synergy, as a preventive or integrative treatment in case of a serious problem. Mushrooms are very safe when prescribed by a doctor. They have a great range of properties that have been proven in many universities by different groups of research all over the world.


Why are Mushrooms Good For Your Health?

Overall, they are great calibrators of the immune system, that means they won’t always increase or decrease the immune system levels, but they will work at a very high level where they can direct the immune system’s response.

So for example, when you get infected with a virus or bacteria, and you’re taking medicinal mushrooms, you’ll still get infected because mushrooms aren’t a mask that keeps you isolated from them. However, your body is ready to react at a much better rate to defend itself against the virus or bacteria. It’s the difference between your immune system being ‘asleep’ and having to ‘awake your defences’ or being ready to fight.


So, the reaction your body produces to this interaction will be much faster. This short period of time makes a great deal of difference on how the illness may evolve.

Everybody should be Adding Mushrooms to their Diet

It is when you are fit that you want to keep being fit, that you don’t want to get ill. Mushrooms contain pure prebiotics that will take care of your bowels, the B-glucans contained into their structure will take care of your immune system. It is the richness of its different molecules that provides this big potential in mushrooms.



Mushrooms can be a Great Addition to Cancer Treatment

There have been great results cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who take our medicinal mushrooms and feel much better during the treatment.


Mushrooms as so rich in active principles that can work on different conditions too such as on IBS patients, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular protection, neuro-degenerative problems, on children that have recurrent problems with inflammation, on prevention of bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

Almost on everything, really, because everything that occurs in our body is related to our immune system response. So mushrooms help your immune system be alert and strong.