5 Simple Muscle Building Workout Routines For Beginners

As a beginner, in order to build muscles the right way, you should have thorough understanding of the 5 most highly effective bodybuilding routines that are heavily practiced worldwide by many beginners.
Read these 5 workout routines carefully and if you feel puzzled with any part of the article then check with your trainer to get clarity.

5 Simple Muscle Building Workouts:

1. The 5X5 Program:

As a beginner, your objective should be to build maximum strength and muscle mass. In order to suffice these two objectives, you need to train your body under the 5X5 Program.
Under this program, you are allowed to perform at least three primary exercises that focus on muscles of lower and upper body, but make sure that you perform 5 sets of 5 repetitions. As a result of this program, you will see a significant release of testosterone which aids in muscle mass growth.


2. The Facial Stretch Training Program:

Ask any qualified trainer and you will know how vital it is to follow the facial stretch program in your training. This program unlike other programs doesn’t particularly demands you to divide the exercises into a certain protocol but it gives you basic guidelines on as to what one needs to do on the last exercise for each of the body parts that was trained in the session.
This program helps in maintaining a fantastic level of structural integrity of the body along with providing support and protection to the body from any physical shocks.

3. German Volume Program:

Another desirable and effective bodybuilding workout routine especially for beginners is German Volume Program. This program is quite similar to the 5X5 program; however, it differs in its rep ranges. In addition to that, this program focuses on only two muscle groups per session.
Provided you consume the right kind and appropriate amounts of foods, you are sure to build muscle mass at a phenomenal speed by employing this routine.


4. Split Training Program:

You cannot miss on a split training program as this is a magnificent option for beginners who are aiming for building muscle mass. The best part about this program is that your body gets enough rest over the week. It is suggestible to speak to a trainer about being calculative in scheduling the upper and lower muscle training in a week depending on your body requirements.

5. Complete Workout Program:

Ideally a complete body workout program will include at least one direct exercise for each of the muscles group; chest, back, shoulders, quads and hamstrings. Moreover, if you wish to train smaller muscles then you can always perform few other exercises too.
Remember to not become over-ambitious and start training with heavy sets. You must start with lower total set numbers for each exercise and also keep a watch on the volumes.


Lastly, besides following a bodybuilding workout routine, you must also inevitably follow a bodybuilding workout supplement plan for long-run results. There are many effective bodybuilding exercises supplements available in the market, but be careful with their ingredients. Always look for supplements such as Xtreme No that contain L-Arginine as it aids in powerful muscle growth.