How Much And What Protein Should I Eat?

How Much Protein Should I Eat?
How Much Protein Should I Eat?

I get asked this question a lot. You need protein to build muscle, manage your metabolism, and support tissue repair, but how much and what type of protein? It’s a subject that causes a lot of debate. What is clear is that protein is a significant and vital part of our diet – for health, fitness, and satisfaction. You might remember from grade school that proteins are the “building blocks of life” and it’s true!

Protein molecules are made up of thousands of smaller units called amino acids, essential for producing adequate enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and antibodies. Basically, you need it in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new ones.


How much Protein do you need?

The amount of protein you need varies according to your body size and activity level. The USDA’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 0.4 grams of protein per pound of weight per day for a sedentary adult. This works out to 60 grams of protein daily for a 150-pound person.

Adults seeking to improve their endurance should aim for 0.5 to 0.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. This works out to 75-90 grams of protein for a 150-pound person. And adults looking to build muscle and strength should aim for 0.6 to 0.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day and that works out to 90-135 grams of protein daily for a 150-pound adult.


What type of Protein should I be eating?

This is another question I hear a lot. Below is a list of 15 foods proven to be good sources of protein, as indicated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

– Lean Meat, 1 ounce = 7 grams
– Lentils, ½ cup = 9 grams
– Nuts, 1 ounce = 7 grams
– Eggs, 1 large egg = 6 grams
– Milk, 1 ounce = 1 gram
– Tempeh, 4 ounces = 20 grams
– Quinoa, 1 cup = 8 grams
– Yogurt, 4 ounces = 6 grams
– Edamame, 1 cup = 17 grams
– Cheese, 1 ounce = 7 grams
– Kidney Beans, ½ cup = 7 grams
– Cottage Cheese, ½ cup = 14 grams
– Vegetables, ½ cup = 2 grams
– Peanut Butter, 2 tbsp. = 8 grams
– Nutritional Yeast, 2 tbsp. = 8 grams