5 Most Prevalent Types Of Cancer In Women

‘Prevention is better than cure’ , we have all heard of this proverb. Even though this proverb is a cliche, it holds in itself a lot of truth. We can prevent a lot of things from happening but only if we know what we are up against. ‘You have cancer’, a lot of women have to hear this dreadful sentence every year. It can be a terrifying experience for everyone. Statistics show that every year almost 850,000 women have to hear that dreaded sentence. There are a few kinds of cancer that are more prevalent than the others in women according to many leading doctors and experts. The below list sheds some light on the very topic.

1. Colon Cancer


A total of 47,560 newly diagnosed cases of colon cancer in women have been reported in 2016 in the United States alone. The interesting aspect is that this disease doesn’t discriminate at all when it comes to gender. Almost equal number of men and women get diagnosed with this disease every year. The upside to this disease is that it is completely preventable.

The way to nip this disease in the bud is by getting yourself regularly checked and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle through out your life. The most prescribed gold standard rule of prevention is to undergo colonoscopy every decade after the age of 50. There are many other tools of diagnosis available as well for recognizing this disease. Diagnostic tools like fecal occult blood test and Cologuard are a few other methods for diagnosing colon cancer.


2. Thyroid Cancer

In 2016 in America, 49, 350 new cases of thyroid cancer in women have been reported. According to the American Cancer Society, the chances of getting thyroid cancer have doubled in the last 20 years. But lots of doctors believe that it is not that the numbers have increased per se, but rather the diagnosis have become more efficient. CT and MRI scans of people with symptoms like persistent neck pain and recurrent migraines have helped in a big way in diagnosing thyroid cancer. Even though the cases that are being reported have increased hugely in numbers, deaths from this disease have remained pretty steady.


Diagnosis by the doctor for any nodules is the first step towards the diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Doctors need to recognize the events and take further call.

3. Uterine Cancer


More than 600,000 cases of endometrial cancer have been reported in 2016 alone in the US. This type of cancer is more commonly seen in post menopausal women after the age of 60. Maintaining a healthy BMI is the biggest preventive method in this case. Obese women are three times more likely to get uterine cancer as fat cells can produce estrogen that can increase the chances of uterine cancer by several folds. According to a study that was conducted in the year 2015, taking birth control pills can reduce the chances of encountering uterine cancer.

4. Lung Cancer


More than a hundred thousand women have been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016 in America. In last forty years, a staggering 98% rise in lung cancer in women has been reported. More than 50% of these women are happen to be non-smokers. Second-hand smoke and estrogen is believed to be playing a big role in this disease.

Preventive methods for this disease include practicing restrain from smoking as well as second hand smoking. Steer clear of all the smoke.


5. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer takes the prize in this competition. 246,660 women have reported to have diagnosed with breast cancer last year in America. One in 8 women will encounter this disease in their lifetime. A drop of 7% in breast cancer cases was recorded in the year 2003. The reason behind this dip is believed to be the refusal of an increasing number of women to take hormone replacement therapy after menopause.


Regular checkups and mammograms are important to keep a check on this disease. Maintaining a healthy life style can again help greatly in avoiding this disease.

So, prevent the bad from happening by changing your lives beforehand. Live a healthy life to ensure a disease-free living.