The 10 Most Popular Types Of Coffee Around The World

Coffee, undoubtedly, is one of the most popular beverages around the world. Many have claimed that they just cannot survive without coffee. However, if we really take a peek into our coffee lovers, we realize that most of the time these self-confessed coffee addicts do not even know the basics of coffee. The basics of coffee include the myriad ways of coffee preparation, the way you pronounce different types of coffee, the country where it is basically made, and a lot more.

It is also true that there is this section of the society who are extremely knowledgeable about what they eat or drink, and therefore, they have their facts about coffee right as well. Do not let that mild snobbishness affect others if you are among the enlightened lot; in fact, spread the knowledge to your loved ones as well. So, if you love coffee and are not sure if you have all your facts right, read on and find out which types of coffee have made it to the list of the most popular ones and which one(s) you are actually addicted to. This will even help you make yourself the perfect cup of delicious coffee every time you want to refresh yourself with this beverage.

1. Espresso

When you force a small amount of almost-boiling, pressurized water through finely ground coffee beans into your cup, you get a cup of espresso. It is generally a thicker version of black coffee with a layer of foam on the top. Espresso is a stronger variant than any other type of coffee and is obviously pronounced as “es-presso”.

2. Doppio

If you just get yourself a double shot of espresso, you get doppio. Doppio is “double” in Italian and is pronounced as “dohp-pio” by being light on the “d”.

3. Ristretto

When you make yourself a short shot of espresso coffee and make it with a normal amount of ground coffee by extracting it with half the amount of water than used in espresso, you get ristretto. It is pronounced as “ree-stray-toh”.

4. Affogato

In Italian, affogato means “drowned”. Affogato is a delicious, coffee-based dessert and is nothing but a scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped generously with a shot of hot espresso. It is pronounced as “uf-four-gah-toh”.

5. Caffe Macchiato

Cafe Macchiato means “stained”, and this drink refers to a cup of espresso with a small amount of foamed milk. So, you may call it a cup of coffee with just a spot of milk, and it is pronounced as “muk-i-ah-toh”.

6. Caffe Latte

Latte, as we often call it, Caffe Latte is an espresso-based drink, but it is topped with a lot of steamed milk and foam. Caffe latte is much sweeter than espresso as milk is added to it and it is pronounced as “kafe lah-tay”.

7. Americano

Another popular version of espresso, Americano is just hot water with a shot of espresso which is extracted on top of steaming water.

8. Mocha

Caffe Mocha is also called a “moccaccino” or a “mochachino”, and it is often loved by chocolate lovers all around the world. This is because it is nothing but a cup of caffe latte with added chocolate. Mocha is pronounced as “maw-kah”.

9. Cappuccino

The basic difference between latte and cappuccino lies in the amount of milk. While latte is milkier than cappuccino, cappuccino is stronger in taste and texture. Both latte and cappuccino is made by using a shot of espresso with hot milk and foam topped on it, but less milk is used in cappuccino. It is pronounced as “kah-pu-chino”.

10. Caffe Breve

Cafe Breve is pronounced as “kafe Brev-ay” and is an American version of latte. In this drink, steamed milk and cream is used in 1:1 ratio instead of only plain milk.

Fancy a cuppa, anyone?