6 Body Parts That May Be The Most Painful Tattoo Spots

Art is a form of expression and tattooing has been considered an art for centuries now. It is an art form that allows the tattoo artist to bring out his or her creativity and talent while the individual who wants to be inked receives what he or she expects or probably even more.

From zodiac signs to pet names, tattooing is a growing art form and most people today follow the trend. What makes it more trendy is that celebrities – young or old – have them, too!


Whether you like to follow the trend or want to get yourself inked because it means so much to you, tattoos come with some level of pain. Some people may have a higher pain threshold than others.

If you have a lower pain threshold, then you might want to skip these 6 spots on your body!


1. Face

Your Face May Be One Of The Most Painful Body Parts For Tattoos

Think face tattoo and one face that instantly flashes in front of you is of boxer, Mike Tyson. Even the former boxing champion would agree that getting a face tattoo is a painful process.


Your face or head, in general, has very little fat, except maybe your cheeks. In addition, there are too many nerves that run through your face that are responsible for your facial muscles. Today, many choose to tattoo their eyebrows to make them look fuller.

Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and, therefore, you may experience excruciating pain if you decide to get inked there.


2. Ribs

Your Rib Cage May Be One Of The Most Painful Body Parts For Tattoos

Your rib cage may be the most painful body part you could choose to get yourself inked. This part has very little fat, too many bones and nerves that are present close to the skin surface.


Also, your ribs move every time you breathe. This means that the tattooing process may turn out to be more painful because of the constant movement. Choose ribs as your tattoo location only if you have a high pain threshold. Or gather up all your courage and be prepared for some real pain!

3. Inner Thighs

Inner Thighs May Be One Of The Most Painful Body Parts For Tattoos


Most often, people mistake inner thighs to be a less painful tattoo location. However, it may not be as “pain-free” as you may think it to be. Most believe that since the inner thighs are fleshy and not too close to the bone, the pain may not be severe.

However, your inner thighs are responsible for your leg muscle movements that are coordinated with the help of nerves. The placement of these nerves makes your inner thighs a painful tattoo spot.


Also, it may take a tattoo more time to heal because your inner thighs are constantly rubbing against each other every time you walk, adding to your pain.

4. Elbows And Knees

Elbows And Knees May Be The Most Painful Body Parts For Tattoos

Elbows, knees, ankles, and most joints, in general, are too close to the bone. This may make tattooing a more painful experience for you.

These areas have very little fat which means there is not much cushioning you can provide your body to feel less pain every time the needle goes in and out of your body.

5. Armpits

Armpits May Be One Of The Most Painful Body Parts For Tattoos

If waxing your armpits seem painful to you, then there is no doubt that tattooing is probably going to provide five times more pain.

Although some may feel it is a weird location to get inked, people do have armpit tattoos. The tattooing process may turn out to be a difficult one because there are important nerves that run down your armpit, including the axillary nerve.

Popularly known for sweating and also friction between skin may add to the reasons why it may be one of the most painful parts to get inked.

6. Hands And Feet

Hands And Feet May Be The Most Painful Body Parts For Tattoos

Getting inked on your hands and feet may be painful because these body parts have a number of bones, thin skin, and ligaments and nerves passing through them.

Your palms, fingers, toes, inner wrist, and the soles of your feet may be the most painful areas of the hands and feet. In addition, the ink may not appear dark enough which means the tattoo artist will have to go over the design a couple times, adding to the pain.

The areas near your inner wrist have veins and tendons that make it sensitive and painful for tattooing.

So, if you ever decide to get inked, make sure you go for a body part that may cause you lesser pain than the others, especially if you have a low pain threshold. If you have skin conditions, always consult a dermatologist before you go ahead with your decision.