6 Most Helpful Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

Every one of us envies the smoothness of a baby’s skin. It is so soft and delicate. However, if you fail to take proper care of it, rashes and allergies may trouble your little one. Yes, the gentle, sensitive skin of your baby needs special protection. As he/she is exposed to products such as shampoos and soaps, the tender skin may get damaged. Providing him/her proper skin care makes sure that your little one maintains a healthy skin. Wondering how to do that? We are here to help you.

Choice Of Products

Always use a gentle soap for baby’s bath. When it comes to the choice of moisturizers, talcum powder, or other baby creams, pick mild products. Avoid those with lots of chemicals as they can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Choose fragrance-free products as fragrances can be an allergen for your baby.


You should watch out for any sign of allergy in your baby when you introduce a new product. If you feel the cream or any of the products you use does not your baby’s skin, it is best to avoid it.

After Bath Care

Your little one’s smooth skin needs to be treated carefully after the bath. You should not wipe the baby in a hurry and in a harsh manner. Take your time and use natural cotton or smooth towels to gently wipe out the moisture from the skin. Pat the skin with a soft cloth. This will save your baby from scratches and bruises. Keep your little one moisturized after a bath. Massage him/her with a gentle natural oil.


Use Of Diaper

Most babies are prone to diaper rashes. However, if you take some effort you can save your baby from rashes to a great extent. First of all, make sure that you have chosen the right diaper for your baby. Sometimes, the baby might be allergic to certain brands. Make sure that diapers are soft and straps are not too tight. If you find that your baby is not comfortable with it, pick another one.

Also, change your baby’s diaper as soon as he/she dirties it. Make sure that your baby’s skin is dry before you put on another diaper. In case, rashes happen, let your baby stay without diapers for some time. Your kid will love to have some diaper-free time. Whenever possible, expose your baby’s bottom to fresh air. Clean baby with water and a washcloth or baby wipe during every diaper change. Keep them dry and clean. However, if the rashes are too strong and your baby is uncomfortable, talk to the pediatrician.


Dry Skin Care

Special care is needed to take care of dry skin. Your baby’s skin needs to stay hydrated always. Apply a natural moisturizer such as coconut oil. Bathing a baby with dry skin too often is never a good idea. Gently sponge the baby with plain water during the first few weeks. This will retain moisture in the skin for a long time. In fact, most babies can have fun bath time twice a week. Rest of the days it can be short washes, thus, preventing the skin from drying out.

Choice Of Clothes

Clean, loose clothes for your baby is a must. Cotton is the best choice of fabric for babies. Too tight clothes may lead to sweating, which in turn causes prickly heat. Moreover, decide the clothing according to the weather outside.


Whenever you take him/her out make sure that the baby’s skin is not exposed to UV rays. Yes, some amount of sunlight is essential for your baby. However, direct sun exposure may not be a good idea. Remember, babies too can experience sunburn. And use a gentle fabric conditioner/ mild detergent to wash baby clothes as it helps you maintain the soft texture of clothes.

Acne Care

Sometimes babies encounter acne problem. However, you should not treat it the way you treat an adult acne. The only thing you have to do is to keep your baby’s skin dry and clean. Well, refrain from squeezing the pimple. But, if it does not go off in months and if it is irritable, consult your pediatrician.