Weight Gain Problems? Blame It On These 7 Morning Habits

Morning Habits That Makes You Gain Weight

Mornings are calm, mornings are peaceful, they are the best part of the day. Successful people utilize their mornings well.1 Usually, your body is well rested when you wake up in the morning. The first few hours after you wake up in the morning determines your overall health. If you start munching your favorite crackers instead of exercising, then your body weight will continue to grow.

Here are 7 morning habits that are increasing your weight.

1. Oversleeping

Oversleeping Can Make You Gain Weight

According to experts, an adult requires anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep each day.2 If you oversleep, you run the risk of disrupting your body’s 24-hour biological cycle also known as circadian rhythm.

According to research, people who oversleep are 21% more prone to obesity than the people who rest properly.3 In addition to increasing your weight, oversleeping also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.4

2. Not Getting Enough Sunlight

Morning Sunlight Helps Prevent Weight Gain

What’s common between salmon, mushroom, and orange juice? Well, they are all a source of vitamin D and they come with a price.

Sun is the most reliable and natural source of vitamin D and it’s absolutely free!5 The early morning UV rays are healthy and they help trigger the metabolic activities.6 People who receive enough sunlight in morning have lower BMIs.7

So, change your morning habits and give your body some sunshine.

3. Not Weighing Yourself In The Morning

Weighing Yourself In Morning Can Help Lose Weight

Most people avoid the scales in the morning, whereas it actually helps in shedding that extra layer of fat.8 The advantage of weighing yourself in the morning is that your body would have lost some weight overnight and you will get the

accurate number. However, you should weigh before you eat or drink anything.

4. Not Doing A Workout In The Morning

Morning Workout Is Good For Weight Loss

Mornings are the best time to workout and lose weight. Our body is in a fasted state and has run out of sugars or carbohydrates so the body burns stored fats instead.9 Workout need not be lifting weights in a gym, it can be anything of your choice, such as yoga, jogging or just walking in a park.

5. Eating Processed Food For Breakfast

Processed Food And Soda Increases Your Weight

Loads of salt, sugar, and fats, that’s what you get by gorging on your favorite processed food and soda. It’s quite natural to be hungry when you wake up in morning. But, instead of munching on these

unhealthy foods, switch to something healthy such as:

  • A bowl of fresh fruits
  • A serving of nuts
  • Oatmeal
  • Plain yogurt

6. Watching Too Much TV

Watching Television While Eating Can Increase Weight

Watching TV the first thing in the morning? Well, you are not only avoiding calorie burnout, but you may also end up eating more than you otherwise would.10

Watching too much TV means less physical activity and thus an invitation to obesity.

7. Having A Hurried Breakfast

To Prevent Weight Gain Avoid Skimping Breakfast

If you spend less time at the breakfast table and eat less, then you stand a good chance to gain additional calories during other parts of the day. A healthy breakfast should consist of whole grains, protein, fiber, and calcium.11

So, if weight loss is on

your mind, tweak your morning routine!