A Morning Checklist To Ensure Your Kid Is Happily Off To School

A few tips can help you drop your kid happily at school.)

No doubt that sending your kids off to school can be a bit of a task, but you can ensure that this chore can incorporate a few fun elements too. The only mantra is to make your and your kid’s mornings a bit easier and meaningful. A few tips can help you bring a sense of fun to your mornings and your kids will smile their way to school even in the midst of the busiest school-year schedules. Follow this foolproof checklist given below to make the magic happen!

1. Check Their Homework And Pack Their Backpacks

Check their homework the night before and pack their backpacks


Although you want your children to do their homework all by themselves, boost their confidence by checking their work regularly after they are done the night before. Also, pack their backpacks in the morning so that they do not miss out on anything they need to carry. This will ensure that your kids have not only done their homework assignments well but also, carry everything they need to school.

2. Let Them Dress Up The Way They Like


Before going to bed at night, let your kids choose their own outfit, shoes, hairbands, and hats. This will add some fun to get ready for bed and also, provide them with sparks to look forward to the next day at school.

3. Give Them A Nourishing And Colorful Breakfast


While you ensure that your kids get the proper dose of nutrients, do not forget to add some fun to it as well. Let your child kick-start the day with a boost of nutrients to make it a good, long-term habit. If you add a bowl of colorful fresh fruits today, make a fruit smoothie the next day. If you add eggs and bananas to their breakfast today, give them a bowl of mixed berries or a blueberry cobbler the next day. This will not only ensure that they get a healthy dose of carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals but also, make them look forward to some delicious and healthy food every day.

4. Begin The Day Early And With Love


Follow the “early to bed, early to rise” saying to not just start your day on a healthy note but also, to start the day with a dose of much-needed love. It can be quite painful to pull your child up from the bed early in the morning, so introduce a gentle element of love to the wake-up routine. Start cuddling them or sing to them, and pamper them for 8 to 10 minutes until they wake up to start their day with freshness and love.

5. Spend Some Mindful Time Together


Before all the hustle and bustle begins, try to spend a couple of mindful minutes before they leave to school. Even if it is just for a minute, make contact with one another by hugging or by saying a few beautiful words. This will yield happy hormones and ensure that not just your kid’s but also, your day starts well too.

6. Follow The Same Routine Every Day


When you follow the same routine everyday, you are more likely to not miss out anything. Of course, there will be change in breakfasts, outfits, and the mindful minutes, but keep the formula same and simple throughout the month and beyond. This will help your kids experience a positive, calming effect of the morning ritual and boost their positivity.

7. Keep The Checklist By The Door


By keeping the checklist handy and by the door, you can not only help yourself not to miss out on anything before your child leaves, but it will also help you add and erase things, if necessary. Make it look fun and interesting by drawing beside the points or sticking happy pictures. If your kids want to add anything to it, let them do it.

8. Assign Each One An Out-Of-The-Door Chore

Each person in the family must be assigned a regular chore to be done. For example, if you have two kids, you can ask one of them to turn off the lights and the other one to switch on the dishwasher every day. You can ask the elder one to check that the fan is off as well. Before they leave, you can just ask them if everyone has done their door chore. This will make them feel special and responsible and also, add an element of fun. Reassign the chores according to their likes and dislikes or the number of kids you have.

9. Check The Weather Before And While They Have Breakfast

Check the weather before you make their breakfast and while they are having it. This will ensure that they do not end up eating anything cold on a cold morning or anything that heats up the body on a humid morning. This will also help you check if they need an umbrella or a raincoat on their way to school.

10. Remind Them To Keep Having Fun

Always ask them to have fun at school and also tell them to take care of their lessons. Before they run to school, ask them what are they excited about. This will gently shift their mood to school-mode and give you something to ask about once they return home.

With this checklist hanging by the door, you can easily drop your happy kid to school.