7 Mindset Shifts You Need To Make Now To Lose Weight

adopting a healthy lifestyle

For most people, losing weight is like fighting a battle that they just cannot win. Dragging yourself to the gym; trying to overcome hunger pangs; skipping parties to avoid binge eating; getting healthy just does not seem like it’s worth the effort. This is why most people give up within weeks of starting their weight loss journey.

But what you do not realize is that adopting a healthy lifestyle requires a shift in mindset before you change your lifestyle. When you set the right goals with the right intentions, you know what you’re doing is good for you and it no longer feels like a chore. Here’s are 7 mental shifts you need to make if you want to transition to a healthier life.

1. Change Your Goals

focusing on small sustainable things

Ideally, losing weight shouldn’t be a goal in itself. It’s also a very vague goal when you should be focusing on small, sustainable things over which you have full control. Your goals should have things like eating the required portions of fruit, veggies, and proteins, spending an hour every day doing physical activity or getting 8 hours of sleep every night.

2. Bring Positivity Into Your Life

emotionally healthy environment

While this sounds very simple, it’s not easy to bring positivity around you. The first thing you should do is surround yourself with positive people who are supportive of your goals. This creates an emotionally healthy environment. Also, don’t be afraid to talk about your failures and ask for help. Sometimes, a piece of friendly advice can completely change your life.

3. Rethink Rewards And Punishments

take things one day at a time

If you think of food and reward and exercise as punishment, you will start to hate your life. And who doesn’t like to rewards themselves? You need to understand that both food and exercise are meant to take care of your body and help you become healthier. Keeping a balanced view of both and knowing their individual importance can help you set your priorities.

4. Throw Out The Calendar

do more push-ups

Losing weight requires patience along with effort. You’re going to hit roadblocks and plateaus which you need to cross. If you get wrapped up about how many pounds you need to lose every week, you may lose sight of the larger picture. Instead, take things one day at a time and try to meet your daily fitness and diet goals.

5. Don’t Step On The Scale

foods that you know are healthy

A scale is just a tool for measurement and hinging your achievement on the number it displays can be self-destructive. If you want to depend on numbers, try running more miles, do more push-ups, and, squat more weights. The weighing scale cannot show you your strength, determination, or drive. So think of it as just a number.

6. Don’t Obsess About Food

foods that you know are healthy

Educate yourself about foods but don’t obsess about having the latest quinoa salad or getting more chia seeds into your diet. Stick to foods that you know are healthy, wholesome, and nutritious. Eating healthy should not be a stress factor. And if you want the occasional cookie or some pizza, have it without feeling guilty. If your diet is largely healthy, your body can handle a few extra calories.

7. Know Your Breathing

focus on the act of breathing

A healthy mind is the secret behind a healthy body. Whether it’s early in the morning or before you go to bed or somewhere in between, set aside a few minutes to slow down and simply focus on the act of breathing. This simple act can help you gain mental clarity, connect with your body, and bring a send of calm within yourself. Let all the stress and anxiety fade away and you feel your breath go in and out.