Mindful Awareness Redefined – Keep It Simple Silly

Everyone wants to be successful in the game of life, but our minds often wrestle with new information – instead of just allowing it to be absorbed – and then reviewing it. Why is that? What is needed to prime the pathways of the brain so we can get better answers?

What Is Mindful Awareness?

• Awareness to make better choices
• Simplicity of technique to absorb and motivate you
• Powerful and effective, so time is well spent

I was learning about the energetic flows in the mind and body from Mary Burmeister, a master teacher of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a healing art from Japan. Each time a flurry of hands would be raised with questions, her initial and, on reflection, incredibly simple and insightful response was, “Just smile… drop your shoulders… and breathe…”.

She would always try to calm the person’s mind as the first step, and once they were assured there were answers, she would continue to clarify experientially what her words were trying to express intellectually.

When the mind can grasp what is possible, it supports the adventure of our evolutionary

journey. So, let’s begin with an overview then drill down into specific steps you can take to bring better answers into your life. We can set this in motion by redefining:

1. A(a)wareness

Awareness (Capital ‘A’)

It is a profound experiential state of inner connection where there is no worry, fear, anger, or suffering. It is a depth of peace, accessed through energetic intelligence that has the power to rewire patterns in the mind and body to free you. Not in some distant future. Now.

awareness (lowercase ‘a’)

It is a practice to become more present; to become mindful, to observe when you act from an emotional or chemical trigger, and to choose a new direction.

Without accessing the Awareness described above, you might think, as I did, that the package you came in with – your intelligence, your genes, your predisposition to being unhappy or feeling unworthy – is just the way it is, defining what you get in this lifetime.

And sure, you can study and dedicate yourself to getting out of that box, but there is only so far you can go. Could this

be an outdated belief? It is certainly not a fact.

2. The Game Changer

What I discovered through a life-altering energetic experience and those that arrived later, redefined my perception of what is possible beyond this mindset.

Even my 20 years of study paled in comparison to the Awareness I experienced in those timeless events. What began to occur in my life, in the days and months to follow, synthesized a currency of information.

It was a game changer that shifted my understanding of how we can have peace of mind, optimum health, and become empowered to thrive – so much more simply than I ever believed possible. I also learned that even with this powerful experience, not all of my life’s difficulties disappeared. Darn!

So, I condensed the mind-boggling scientific studies and a millennium of meditation and holistic discoveries to make them simpler and easier to understand and to share. I wanted to access that sweet spot more often and be able to share the rewards it has to offer.

Those experiences gave me mindful awareness to help make a multitude of important choices in

my life. By sharing this process with people of all ages and cultures as I traveled the world, the simplicity of stillness, SOS method for short, was developed to be a game changer for everyone.

3. Meditation Re-Invented

I had never really been a good meditator – that’s what was so cool about SOS – it didn’t require a still mind, even though most people usually got there after practicing it for a while. Since most of us today really enjoy instant gratification, it’s great that the meditation technology helps to drop you into a state of deep relaxation and peace so easily.

What I learned from everyone as they began to practice it – is that SOS method shuts the door on the usual complaints about meditation; no time and a busy mind.

It works in 5 minutes – even if your mind isn’t still. If you’ve practiced meditation for years, SOS helps you connect to your sweet spot in even lesser time.

It helps you develop higher levels of that Awareness and tap into that sweet spot of potential at your core. In

a recent study, 96.5% of people found calm, relaxation, and peace within minutes.

While the method has evolved to be effective in less and less time – don’t let the simplicity fool you. More than 15 years of case studies have shown me the impact this has on people’s lives in less and less time.