Mindful Aging: Why It Can Be A Wonderful Thing

Mindful ageing can be a wonderful asset as we grow older.

Mindfulness has gained immense popularity because of its effectiveness. Mindfulness is recognized as one of the main ways to maintain wellness and health. It is seen to be especially effective against anxiety and depression, and has shown to improve symptoms of eating disorders and anxiety-related disorders like OCD. We can breathe, eat and exercise mindfully, and we can also age mindfully. There are thousands of products that help to diminish the “signs of aging”, but try as we might, all of us are going to become old one way or another. Aging doesn’t have to be the scary and unwelcome milestone it is made out to be. We will be able to accept the challenges as well as benefits and important opportunities that come with aging when we become more mindful about it. Below are some ways you can start aging more mindfully:

1. Letting Go

Let go of things that no longer serve you.


One of the most important ways we can cope with every day stresses and anxieties is by letting go of things that are detrimental to our overall well being. Now all of us understand that holding onto anger, pain and guilt can be really detrimental, but letting go can also be challenging. We have to make room for new experiences by leaving behind things that no longer serve our best interests. For example, you might be feeling guilty that you needed to cut a toxic person out of your life, but it’s important to understand that sometimes, moving is not just for the best, but also necessary. If you find it difficult to let go, talking to a person you can trust or a mental practitioner can help to find better ways to cope with any negative emotions that are bothering you.

2. Acceptance

Learn to accept that you cannot control everything.


Growing old can be scary, because we are faced with a lot of unpleasant truths with each passing year. Though everyone ponders about their existence and mortality every now and then, we only start being affected by it when we are older. Many people have a mid-life crisis because they try realize they only have a limited time left, and may feel like not everything is in their control. For a lot of people, the anxiety can be overwhelming. However, accepting the downsides and the challenges of growing old can help to ease the anxiety, and when done correctly, can even help you to thrive as you age. Acceptance might not be easy to achieve, but the right guidance by a spiritual counselor, religious adviser, or a mental health practitioner can help you to find more ways to find more meaning in life, cope with any challenges, and resolve issues that may be hindering your progress.

3. Purpose

Find a purpose that help to define your life.


When we feel like we are living a meaningful life, we become less anxious about our past and our future. It is important to find a purpose or a goal to work towards. Not only does a goal guide our decisions and choices, it also bolsters our journey through life. For example, we may have a purpose of “helping people”, but there are a number of ways we can help others such as joining the army, becoming a doctor, working as a kindergarten teacher or working at a suicide hotline. Our values and experiences play a big part in how we form our goals, and it’s important to remember that even a small difference can make a great impact. It is easy to feel lost sometimes, and not know how to figure out the next steps, but talking to someone you trust can help you to got a more objective view about your strengths and weaknesses. A lot of times, issues like self-esteem and low confidence can hold us back, but getting a new perspective can make a difference. By finding a purpose, learning to let go of things that no longer serve us, and accepting that not everything is in our control, we will be able to age more mindfully.