Your Mind Can Help Reverse The Effects Of Aging!

Your Mind Can Help Reverse The Effects Of Aging!
Your Mind Can Help Reverse The Effects Of Aging!

So, you want to slow, stop or reverse the aging process, right? Here’s the thing, we are all going to grow older. There is no way around it. We can slow it down. More important is that we can reverse the effects of aging. You may even understand how nutrition and fitness can play a part. But, did you know that so can your mind? Yes, your mind is powerful enough to affect your physical body.

Attitude towards Aging

Our attitude towards aging will have an impact on our physical health, whether positive or negative. A recent study by the Yale School of Public Heath discovered that positive subliminal programming given on a group of seniors (ages 61-99) had a positive effect on their physical functioning for several weeks following the experiment. Previous studies showed that

target="_blank">negative influences led to negative physical functioning outcomes.

One of my favorite experts in the field of mindset and aging is Dr. Ellen Langer. She was recently interviewed on CBS This Morning Show and also by Bruce Grierson of the New York Times. Her work on how the mind affecting the body is becoming more accepted and it’s great that she is going to be featured in an upcoming movie, possibly being played by Jennifer Aniston.

After reading Dr. Langer’s book, Counterclockwise, I came to realize that much of what I’ve preached regarding the mindset and how it affect our physical health was proven from her research. We can reverse the affects of aging. It’s simply has taken mainstream medicine a long time to catch up. Many still haven’t grasp the power of the mind. She is also one of the world’s top experts on mindfulness and physical health.

What we say to ourselves affect our physical body. Back when I studied hypnosis at Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA, there was talk regarding body syndromes.

Language That Connects You To Your Body & Everything Else In The Universe." href="" target="_blank">Our language has an effect on us. If you were to say, “I have the weight of the world on my shoulders”, then you’ll start to feel pain in your neck and shoulders. Words have power. When we believe those words, they really have an impact on us. Words translate into our thoughts and then into our bodies.

Suggestions on mindfully reversing effects of Aging:

Start telling yourself that you’re full of vitality and energy. You have a creative mind. You are youthful and will continue to make a positive difference throughout your life. You are active and enjoy living life to its fullest. You are vital.
Start associating with younger people. I personally do this. Many of my friends are in their teens, 20′s and 30′s. I love the Millennial mindset.
Learn new things every single day. Embrace technology. There are many online courses

you can take. Read positive books.
Get out into nature and walk, hike and play. Play is really great to help keep you youthful. You will feel like you’re young. That spirit will translate into your body.
Engage into mindfulness training. The more you’re in control of what your mind and thoughts, the better your chances you will reverse the effects of aging.
Challenge yourself your whole life. Growing and learning is not just for school age kids, it’s for you too!

Know that reversing aging is in your hands and your mind. Believe that you can and you will. That is where it starts. Strive to be alive!