8 Mind-blowing Things That Happen When You Read Books

There are two kinds of people in this world—those who love reading books and those who don’t. If you relish the feeling of the hardback covers or the way the pages of a new book smell, and can’t wait to open it and fall in love with the characters and places in it, then you definitely belong to the first category. If your reading list is limited to news headlines, forwarded texts, Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, Whatsapp statuses, and Snapchat messages, then it is high time you picked up a book and experience the pleasure that can be derived from reading it. Additionally, reading a book can also shower you with numerous health benefits. Check out some of the perks ardent readers enjoy above the ones who don’t.

1. Lowers Risk Of Mental Diseases


Studies show that reading stimulates your mind, and can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since keeping your brain active prevents it from its losing power. Reading has the same effect on your cognitive stimulation as playing chess or doing puzzles.

2. Stress Reduction


Are you feeling extremely stressed out lately? Having a hard time with your relationship? Is your boss making life difficult for you? Then what you direly need is a means to escape the reality and dive into a world filled with magic and happiness. A well-written book will provide you exactly this. Give it a try and be amazed by how effective it can be. It’s like therapy, but cheaper!

3. Knowledge


Every book you read will add to your knowledge and transform your thought processes. Books are the best teachers ever—you never know when a book you have read will come to your aid during a sticky situation. You can tackle challenges that you’ll face in your life. Everything you possess withers over time —health, wealth, youth, beauty, people— but knowledge and wisdom will never leave your side until the very end.

4. Expansion In Vocabulary


As you read, you learn new words, new ways of expressing your thoughts and emotions. It can change your everyday vocabulary. Being able to articulate your thoughts in a creative or precise way is very important in any profession. When you’re able to speak well, your self-confidence gets boosted. It can be a great help in your career. Those people who are well-read, well-spoken, and have knowledge about a variety of things tend to get promotions quite early and frequently. Reading books also helps you learn many languages.

5. It Improves Memory


When you read a book, you recall the different characters, the plot, the places, different seasons, food, songs, and numerous other factors that play vital roles in that book. These make new memories in your brain which makes new pathways in your brain. These new pathways strengthens the existing ones, and assists in short-term memory recall.

6. Improves Focus And Concentration


We are used to multitasking every minute of the day. It increases the stress level in your mind which reduces your productivity in return. When you’re reading a book, all your concentration is in it’s peak. This improves your focus and makes your mind sharper.

7. Tranquility


When you read a good book, the subject that you’re reading can bring tranquility and peace to your mind. It brings an immense sense of calm and peace to your mind. Reading self-help books help people with various mood disorders.

8. A Great Way To Kill Time


Once you start on a habit of reading, you will find that reading books is a great way of keeping yourself entertained over watching TV or killing time over social media. You can join a library to explore and access the vast world of literature, if you’re still figuring out your interest areas. Reading is any day better than being busy with your iPad or other gadgets.