Men Give Away Their Feelings Through Their Voices

Love is generally expressed through the beautiful use of words. But people often express their love through how they say those words over the words themselves. A change in the pitch of the voice is often a red flag of emotion that people seem to overlook. Men generally shy away from expressing themselves and women are often left wondering about what men feel for them. But scientists have been looking into this mystery from quite a while now. And finally, they believe that they might have found an answer to this mystery.

The Research That Cracked The Code

A research was conducted at the University of Stirling in Scotland. In this study, 110 heterosexual men and women were taken as volunteers. These men and women were either English or Czech. These volunteers were allowed to interact with each other. Researchers recorded the pattern of behaviors and voice modulations of the men when they interacted with the opposite sex. The researchers found that the

men used a high pitched voice while speaking to the women whom they found attractive. According to the researchers, this high pitched pattern of the voice that the men used to talk to the women whom they deemed attractive is comparable to the ‘sing-song’ voice of the actor Leslie Phillips.

The researchers noticed a relative drop in the pitch of the voices of the men when they spoke to the women whom they were not attracted to. Also, researchers found that the women found the ‘sing-song’ style of speaking more attractive.

According to the lead researcher Juan David Leongómez, it is necessary for men to sound masculine when they talk but it is important to note that extreme masculinity in the tone can be associated with many negative ‘masculine’ traits like aggressiveness and promiscuity. There are researches that were conducted in the past to show some other ways in which people express their romantic interests. Researchers found that people use non-verbal cues and body language to communicate their romantic interest like casual touching, eye contact etc.

One study inferred that people often resort

to voice modulations to hint at romantic interest which can also make the speaker seem more attractive.

4 Non-Verbal Things Men Do To Hint At Romantic Interest

1. Excessive Amount Of Fleeting Glances

Men tend to look excessively at the women they admire. When they are talking to the women they like, they tend look at them very observantly. But even when these women are at a distance, they will definitely find an excuse to sneak a peek at them. If you see a man keep looking at you every five minutes, then he is definitely hiding some feeling for you inside him. This is one non-verbal cue that men give away when they’re around someone they really like.

2. Distinctly Different Body Language

Body language is another thing that can give away a guy’s hidden emotions. If a guy tends to touch a girl while having

a conversation in a playful way, then it is a sign of romantic interest. Leaning closer to the girl while talking and even mirroring her movements are some of the physical cues that can show interest.

3. Undivided Attention

A guy tends to give a girl his complete attention when he is completely into her. A guy who likes a girl wouldn’t wanna miss a single opportunity to know that girl at a deeper level. So, everything that comes out of her mouth would be a high level information for the guy. So, paying complete attention is another thing that guys do to show romantic inclination.

4. Efforts To Impress

Guys make a lot of efforts to impress the girls they like. A comment on the clothes will be taken seriously to impress the girl. Other simple gestures like holding the door or pulling out a

chair are some of the subtle giveaways of affection.

Men can be shy and inexpressive verbally but that doesn’t mean they are not expressing themselves. Look for the subtle giveaways to know more about a man.