What Men Always Notice About You During Sex

A woman’s flaws. Is that what crossed your mind when you read the title? Well, that is not true. Men rarely see flaws in their woman’s body during sex. Instead, they want to know whether women are genuinely interested in being naked. And to get a satisfying answer to this, they notice a lot of things about you.

1. Initiative From Your Side


Not a single act from your side clearly shows that you are not interested at all. Well, show some excitement! Take the plunge and let him know you are for it. Talk about your sexual fantasies (or ask his, you will get amazing stories for sure) or take the lead in unbuckling. If you are not ready for sex, then tell him straight away. Or else somewhere midway, he is bound to realize it and spoil your day.

2. Your Eyes


Your eyes can tell him what you are thinking. Your eyes never lie. By gazing into your eyes, your man will know whether you are faking happiness or not. Looking straight into the eyes of your partner is a good way to tell him how much you love him. Watching you experience the pleasure is enough to turn him on. Pretty cool, right? So next time, make sure that you won’t gaze off to the wall or ceiling.

3. The Way Your Body Moves


Your stiff body sends a wrong message to him. Again, they become skeptical about your interest. Sometimes you will be conscious about the imperfections in your body, which restricts your movement and makes you inhibited. Remember that oh-so-famous John Legend number? You may not want him to see your body from a different angle. But good or bad angles don’t change your worth during sex. Accept this fact. If you are sensual, it excites him and as you know it’s good for you too. Show him all you’ve got. As you engage your entire body, get ready for an awesome, exhilarating experience.

4. Your Breath


Don’t worry, bad breath is not what we are talking about here. Of course, you’re not doing yourself any favors by ending up in bed with stinky breath! Here, what matters is its depth. Is it heavier than usual? This just tells him that you are not faking it. If you try to play it up, girls, beware. He knows the difference. Let him know how you feel. Your breaths and your sweats are instant turn-ons for him.

5. Your Expensive Lingerie


Well, it does not mean that you need to have one on always. This just shows that you were waiting and thinking about sex. And it is such great news for your man as he comes with the same intention.

6. Your Confidence


Loving a woman who doesn’t love herself is not a good idea. If someone is self-conscious and obsessed with their flaws, there is no fun. They will never try new things. Instead, a confident woman does not worry about their appearance or their plus-size. They just enjoy the moment, giving it their best shot.

Surprised? Yes. Your man does notice all of these things. These are enough to speed up his sexual arousal. He is so into the moment completely that he fails to notice certain things, which you try to hide from him. A loving man never walks out on a woman during sex because she is out of shape. But he will, if you don’t express your enthusiasm and excitement. Keeping mum is a major turn-off for him. So, forget about your body flaws and just make your man go crazy the next time you’re getting busy!