5 Incredible Medicinal Uses Of Chamomile

We have been made to believe that herbs are useful either for inducing flavors to delicacies or fresh aroma to a room. But herbs can be way more beneficial to us than that. They are packed with nutrients and useful constituents that can alleviate symptoms of a lot of medical conditions. Researchers are investigating and finding out more and more about the usefulness of herbs. And there are many herbs that are being used to make important medicines. For example, aspirin is made from the extracts of willow bark. There are many others herbs under scientific investigation as of now for their uses.

One of the many neglected herbs is chamomile. This is a wonderful aromatic herb that packs in itself incredible medicinal benefits. Chamomile resembles daisies and come in two forms: Roman and German. The German chamomile has been popular in German folk medicine for treating a plethora of diseases. This herb has been medicinally important in many other nations as well like Iran, Mexico and Tunisia. The organization for drug administration in Germany has approved chamomile as safe to be used for treatment of bacterial infection, inflammation and respiratory tract ailments. Chamomile has also been listed in the FDA approved safe list in America.

Chamomile is a wonder herb and a key topic of interest for botanical researchers around the world. Dr. Moumita Das of Indira Gandhi National Open University has written and dedicated a complete book on this herb and its uses. But Dr. Das recommends that pregnant women avoid taking this herb as adulterated version of this herb can do some grave damage. Chamomile tea has a mild sedative effect and can calm our disturbed nervous systems when taken as tea. There are many other benefits that come with this herb. Some of those wonderful benefits have been listed below.

1. Calming Effect On An Anxious Mind

There are some studies that were conducted to find more about chamomile and its calming effects. The results showed that chamomile can help in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. A controlled clinical trial was conducted in which patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GOD) were given capsules made with German chamomile. The patients were found to have reduced anxiety levels after taking the capsules. For calming your nerves, you can brew some tea with dried chamomile or inhale the aroma of chamomile essential oil.

2. Healthier Gut

Some studies have shown that chamomile extracts along with some other herbs can help in reducing gut ailments like ulcers, upset stomach and even symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. More researches are required to prove this claim, but some studies do suggest that chamomile tea is an effective antacid. A common way of ingesting chamomile would be adding the flowers to your salad.

3. Natural Highlights

A fashion trend that will not go away anytime soon is highlights of tresses. A lot of shampoos claim to lighten up the tresses but their effectiveness is questionable. But turns out that chamomile can solve this problem as well. Chamomile has lightening properties and can give a golden hue. It can act as a semi-permanent hair dye. Chamomile can reduce the darkening effect of UV rays and reflect more light. So, you can apply some chamomile water on to your hair while sipping your chamomile tea.

4. Problem-Free Skin

Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Thus, these properties make chamomile effective for treating minor skin problems like irritation etc. Clinical studies have found out that chamomile cream is more effective than 0.5% hydrocortisone cream in treating eczema and sunburn. But if you are allergic to ragweed, then you might also be allergic to chamomile.

5. Pain Relief

Chamomile has a history of providing relief from pain as per folk medicine. Scientists have also found out that application of chamomile oil can reduce pain associated with conditions like osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines and even childbirth. But this oil must be applied with a carrier oil.

Chamomile is more than just an aromatic herb and it’s time we use it more for medicinal benefits.