A Medicinal Mushroom For Every Health Problem

Medicinal mushrooms can help treat various modern problems

What do you know about medicinal mushrooms? No, not the kind you find in the produce aisle. For centuries, ancient Chinese medicine has used these fungi as natural drugs. However, in recent years, medicinal mushrooms have become the western world’s latest health trend.

Like fruits and veggies, each species of mushrooms boast unique benefits. Many of the effects overlap, but there’s a top choice for each problem. Check out this guide to figure out which one you need.1

Various Medicinal Mushrooms For Health Problems

1. Cordyceps For An Immunity Boost

Cordyceps can help boost your immunity

Come flu season, everyone is scrambling for vitamin C and zinc. Give yourself the upper hand with cordyceps! This mushroom aids macrophages, a type of white blood cell. It’ll also improve cellular immune function so your body stays in tip-top shape.2 Reach for cordyceps once you feel a cold coming on. It’s also useful during times of stress, when your immune system is most vulnerable.

2. Reishi For Sleep Issues

Reishi can help with insomnia issues

For centuries, ancient Chinese medicine has embraced reishi as a sleep aid. It’s used to relax and calm the body, making it perfect for insomnia and restlessness. Feeling stressed? Reishi will also combat palpitations, a common side effect of anxiety.3

3. Reishi Or Lion’s Mane For Mental Focus

Lion's brain can switch on any sleeping brain

Whether you’re studying for a test or preparing for an interview, medicinal mushrooms will help you focus. Reishi

encourages the growth of new neurons, or nerve cells. It even encourages their communication, keeping neurodegenerative disease at bay.4 Lion’s mane has a similar effect. This fungus protects the brain from oxidative stress while promoting the growth of neurites, the “stems” on nerve cells.5

4. Maitake For High Blood Sugar Levels

Maitake is helpful to control high blood sugar

High blood glucose can do a number on your health. It’ll increase the risk for type 2 diabetes, a top cause of disability or mortality. If you’re at

risk, turn to maitake. This mushroom can decrease insulin resistance and blood sugar, according to the journal Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism.6

Already diabetic? Consider adding Maitake to your management plan.

5. Cordyceps For Exhaustion

Cordyceps can energize you from exhaustion

From anxiety to surgery recover, many things can cause fatigue. Sometimes, it’s as simple as staying up too late or dealing with jetlag. If you’re feeling exhausted, reach for cordyceps, a popular remedy for fatigue. Is tiredness making you lose interest in sex? Cordyceps is also used for hyposexuality, so give it a try.7

6. Reishi For Stress

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It’s normal to feel stressed every now and then. But if it piles up, stress can cause problems like headaches, digestion issues, and anxiety.8 To naturally relieve stress, have some Reishi.9 The relaxing effect on the body will help you feel at ease. Remember, Reishi also helps insomnia and brain focus, making it a top choice for stress.

7. Maitake For High Blood Pressure

Maitake helps to control high blood pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a major risk factor for heart disease. As the leading cause of death, prevention is so important. With maitake, you can get a handle on hypertension. This fungus has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the effect of age-related

hypertension, showing potential for heart protection.10 Even triglycerides will take a nosedive thanks to Maitake.11

You can find medicinal mushrooms as coffee, tea, supplements, powder, or extracts. Always buy from a reputable seller or store. Before using medicinal mushrooms, check with your doctor first.