Get Up On The Right Side Of The Bed Every Morning With Duroflex

In the day and age when sleep remains elusive as ever, investing in a good mattress can never be an unwise decision. But that’s easier said than done.

After all, most of us spend about eight hours per day sleeping (or at least we should!); that’s a third of our life! A good quality mattress will significantly improve the quality of your sleep which in turn has massive emotional and physical health benefits making it a great investment.


Duroflex Mattresses, India’s leading brand of certified, high quality mattresses, shows us how investing well and wisely in well made, scientifically engineered mattresses can go a long way in helping you to not just sleep better, but to also live healthier and why “The Right Mattress” isn’t a mere myth!

1. The Right Mattress Protects And Corrects Your Posture!


Poorly manufactured mattresses can begin to wear and tear easily and sag in the middle. So instead of resting on a flat comfortable surface that’s ideal for peaceful slumber, you’re actually sleeping on one that’s sunken in awkwardly.

A good mattress, on the other hand, knows how to conform closely to your limbs and curves, to help align the spine and alleviate pain and pressure points in sleepers, regardless of whether they’re side, stomach, or back sleepers. This means no more waking up the next day feeling all stiff and sore!


2. The Right Mattress Improves Your Memory

Memory consolidation and cognitive function are heavily dependent on sleep. Not only that, people who constantly suffer from disturbed sleep are more likely to have narrower blood vessels. This decreases the much-needed flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain, resulting in cognitive impairment.

A well-built mattress not only cradles your body the right way but also lowers motion transfer created by movement in bed. This way, it helps prevent sleep disruptions and ensures your body eases into some much-needed deep sleep! Check out how different mattresses affect your overall health.


3. The Right Mattress Protects You From Life-Threatening Diseases

Our body heals during sleep by regenerating cells and developing muscle tissue. Even your brain uses this time to flush out its toxins. If you keep waking up because your mattress is too lumpy, you’re going to suffer from sleep loss. As a result, your body will be unable to recharge itself, and the toxins building up within your system may give rise to a series of health complications in the future such as obesity, depression, and even Alzheimer’s.

Bottom line? Invest in a good mattress, and you invest in years of great sleep and even better health, every day.


Sleep Tight and Right with India’s First Certified Orthopaedic Mattress Range from Duroflex

When it comes to healthy sleep well, nothing can beat the benefits of a great mattress. No one understands this better than Duroflex, one of India’s most trusted and well-loved mattress brands.

As a step towards addressing the ever pervasive problems of poor posture and sleep patterns, the mattress giant has been the first one in its field to launch India’s first, certified orthopaedic range of mattresses – Duropedic. Made with high quality materials, these mattresses are available in 5 variants – Back Magic, Balance, Strength, Empower, and Posture Perfect.


But here’s what really makes these mattresses a little extra special.

1. The Revolutionary 5- Zoned Full Prone Support System


The human body is typically divided into 5 zones. Each zone exerts a different weight and as such, needs differentiated support for optimal comfort. For this reason, the mattress one chooses to sleep on, should ideally be able to provide exclusive support for individual zones, so that the pressure can be disseminated properly. This proper dissemination of pressure is what is responsible for giving you the most optimum and restorative back and support.

Duropedic mattresses are modelled on the 5-Zone Full Prone Support System. This means they can help correct the damage inflicted upon your posture over the day, restore your spinal alignment and strengthen your back while you sleep.

2. A Genuine Orthopaedic Mattresses Range

You may be faced with dozens of brands that offer you orthopaedic mattresses, but how does one which one is genuinely orthopaedic?

In order to solve this problem and give their customers a genuine and trustworthy product that betters their health, Duroflex decided to go one step ahead. They collaborated with renowned orthopaedists from the National Health Academy and spent 8 rigorous months, engineering the perfect mattress in their sleep lab. The result? India’s first, fully tested and certified, genuine orthopaedic mattress that gives your body the kind of advanced support it needs.

3. …At A Very Affordable Price Range!

Losing your sleep over the price you have to pay for a good night’s rest? Not to worry – the Duropedic range of mattresses won’t leave a hole in your wallet. Available starting from Rs.l8830 there’s something for everyone, regardless of your body type, age, or sleeping style!

Click here to know more about the Duropedic range of Mattresses.