The Matcha Lemonade Recipe That Will Change Your Life

If you’re looking for new ways to make your dull mornings more exciting, look no further. This tea recipe will boost your metabolism, keep you looking young and bring peace to the Middle East. Well, at least it’ll take care of the first two things. All you need for this recipe is matcha green tea, freshly squeezed lemon and some raw honey. This drink isn’t just for health enthusiasts either, it’s delicious enough to be enjoyed by even the most die-hard soda addict. With the hot summer sun beating down upon us, it’s the perfect time to try out this matcha lemonade. It’s even good enough to beat out (dare we say it) old-fashioned lemonade.



1 ½ teaspoons matcha green tea powder
½ tablespoon lemon juice
Raw organic honey to taste
2 cups hot water
6 cups cold water

Mix the matcha green tea and freshly squeezed lemon juice along with the hot water until fully dissolved and incorporated. Then add the honey and cold water and keep refrigerated for an hour before serving.


Not only will this vibrant green smoothie remind you of everything summer, but it also saves you calories. Matcha green tea is many times healthier than the already healthy regular green tea. It contains 137 times more of the antioxidant Epigallocatechin gallate than regular green tea. This antioxidant EGCG is what gives matcha tea its superpowers. It has widely been recognized as having one of the most powerful cancer blockers discovered yet. It stops free radicals from causing damage to healthy cells and prevents them from mutating. More astonishingly, it can cause cancerous cells to die before they can spread any further. Apart from cancer, EGCG is also an antioxidant you need more of if you’re trying to lose weight. It burns fat by oxidation and is particularly effective at burning belly fat. It’s the perfect drink to have at hand for swimsuit weather. It also doesn’t contain high quantities of refined sugar so your stomach will stay flat and won’t be disfigured by the dreaded bloat.


Matcha tea makes all of these compounds more readily available to your body because of the unique way it is farmed and processed. The leaves of the tea are finally powdered so you’re drinking all of the antioxidants and not just what’s left in the steeped leaves.

Apart from the matcha tea itself, lemon and honey make this iced tea even healthier. Lemon comes with its own set of powerful antioxidants, while honey keeps your immune system healthy and is a great alternative to unhealthy sweeteners. The water in the tea will also keep you properly hydrated through the hot, sweltering days of summer.


So if you’re planning on hosting a summer brunch, try out this iced matcha lemonade as a special treat for your guests. The vibrant green lemonade will keep your guests intrigued, but as soon as they take a sip, they’ll be asking for more. Once you give it a taste though, you’ll love it so much you won’t want to share it with anyone.