Masturbation And All The Myths Busted

Masturbation is a natural way of loving oneself. There is a lot more to it than just getting off. It can help you understand yourself better in the most intimate way. It takes a long time for an individual to know what he or she likes in bed or what arouses them. Masturbation can help you to figure that out effectively. It can help you to know more about your sexuality. It will help you to appreciate the wonders of your body and the ability to sense or experience pleasure, which is a deeply human quality.

But we have been raised in a society where everyone is a part of a culture of silence that surrounds pleasure and masturbation. This culture of silence has done a huge harm, rather than help. It has made one of the most natural urges to be a big taboo in the society. And with taboos came a sea of incorrect information about masturbation. Silence is never great for a democratic society. So, it is important to break the silence and spread awareness among the upcoming generations so that they can take informed and sensible decisions about their bodies and urges. Below given are some of the busted myths about masturbation.


1. Masturbation Is A Dirty Deed

Masturbation is dirty

Masturbation is not a dirty deed, and neither does it make a person dirty for indulging in it. It is a natural part of our sexuality that humans explore. It is a healthy way of figuring out things about your body. Masturbation can help you understand pleasure and can give you an experience before you indulge in a consensual act of intimacy with another partner. Studies have shown that masturbation forms a big part in the sexual development of an individual. But there is a lot of guilt that has been built around the act of masturbation, especially in the minds of young people. This must be broken down so that we can help young people in discovering about their sexuality in a safe manner.

2. Masturbation Can Cause Health Problems

Masturbation and health problems

It is a myth and there is no truth in this statement. Masturbation is a great way of reliving your stress. Masturbation or sex with a partner can fill you up with many happy hormones. These happy hormones have many wonderful health effects like relief from stress, pain and gastric problems. It can also give you a great sleep afterwards. It can strengthen your immune system and give you a healthy glow that comes from experiencing pleasure. Sex educators even recommend masturbation for stress relief.

3. Masturbation In A Committed Relationship Is A Red Flag

 Masturbation in a relationship

No, it is not. Masturbation has nothing to do with your intimacy with your partner. Just because you have a committed and wonderful partner to be intimate with doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate with yourself. If you love and respect your partner and enjoy having sex with your partner, you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in some self-love. Masturbation is a personal choice, so there is nothing wrong in indulging in it, even if the person is in a relationship.

4. Excessive Amount Of Masturbation Can Ruin Your Natural Sex Drive

 Masturbation ruins sex drive

Masturbation is not harmful to your sex drive. You need to be firstly aware of your sex drive and how libidinous you are as a person. Some people are more libidinous than others, so they might enjoy both sex and masturbation in equal measures to satiate their libido. So, it is a personal choice and has no scientific data that can prove that too much masturbation ruins sex lives of people. Introspection is very important in this case. It is important as it can give you clarity on what and how you like to experience pleasure.

Self-love is a natural and safe way of exploring one’s sexuality. So, don’t let taboos get in the way of your self-exploration.