Mastering The Art Of Giving And Gifting

Mastering The Art Of Giving And Gifting
Mastering The Art Of Giving And Gifting

Ever, so often we plunge into the phrase “Art of Giving” and we are well-aware about our responsibility for giving back all that we have received. Many times we identify the word ‘to give’ with ‘charity’, although this delivers profound respite to us in many ways, but this is not all.

If you own a fortune, or even if you are able to only part with a meagre amount of wealth for the needy, you are still doing great job. But one thing must be crystal clear to you every time you participate in the ‘Act of giving‘, you must only do it ‘unconditionally’. This means that you must give with a heart that does not expect in anything return.

Other than money, there is a world of gifts that you can bestow upon anyone and everyone who touches your life.

Gift Of Smile

When you smile at someone, the recipient is relieved instantly. You do not know their situations in life. But once you are able to give your smile (and expect nothing in return) their spirit soars for that moment and they

could be living off the energy of that simple smile.

Gift Of Hug

It has been medically proven that hugging reduces the risk of heart disease, stress, anxiety and depression by naturally increasing the level of hormone-oxytocin. If you hug someone with compassion in your heart, then whatever the other person is undergoing, your hug is going to reach and uplift them.

Gift Of Thank You

We are indebted for an array of big and small favors that keep pouring our way. Although these favors go easily unnoticed, we need to be more aware and thankful. There may be someone serving you a glass of water when you are sweltering in the sun, or someone would be giving way to your vehicle on the road, or someone praising you for an errand. Never forget to say ‘Thank you’ from your heart.

Gift Of Kindness

My son who recently accompanied me to walk in the park was surprised to find so many little puppies come and nudge my feet

in playful way and then leave without any effort of mischief. He asked me ‘‘why do these dogs come running to you and why you not hush them away?’’. I told him that in both the cases, it is only because of the intention of ‘loving kindness’. When we emit the emotion of kindness, animals can perceive and respond accordingly. Kindness is your giveaway which delights and gratifies the other.

Gift Of Tenderness

Are you every now and then disturbed with loud voices of callousness all around? This no doubt conveys a lack of courtesy, compassion, and sensitivity. Think about it before you start to retaliate in a similar manner. If you can understand by your own experience that shouts and screams actually interfere with a peaceful state of mind, then you need not join the crowd. Dwelling into giving conscious and deliberate tenderness by the means of your speech and choice of words is a gift that you are giving to make the world a better place to live in.

Gift Of Blessing

How often do you bless others? This is another unconditional

gift that you can be silently showering over others. In our day-to-day over demanding and yet futile lifestyles, somehow in the core of our hearts we all yearn for being blessed. And the best part is that when you are gifting the virtue of blessing to someone, it is going to come back to you manifold as per the law of attraction. Keep giving lots and lots of blessings every single day and be blessed!

Gift Of Compassion

Sometimes all that you need to give is your compassionate presence. It might not be the money or gifts that are needed from you, but someone could be craving for the presence of your compassionate soul, the patient ears, assuring words and comfort in your shoulder. When you are able to give your time, you are offering treasure beyond any wealth.

Gift Of Sharing

When I started writing this blog, it was simply to quench the author in me and all I intended was to dive into the liberation of my own world of ideas, thoughts and writing. I had gifted this blog to myself as

a “Happy birthday gift”. Yet, gradually as I began to write and share our ancient wisdom of holistic healing, I could see readers from all over visiting my blog. Also, sharing on social media sites like gave me the understanding that my ‘work’ is being earnestly acknowledged for healthcare management not only in India-my country, but by the global audience as well.

Today, I find more than 10,000 page-views of my blog and thus sharing has taken the form of delivering a gift to one and all. Surely, I am doing this for ‘No reason at all’ but the return is massive in terms of the response coming my way. People are getting healed and I am gratefully able to partake in ‘Giving’ what is needed. Share your passion and make it your purpose, God gives you all gifts to share with humanity.

You Are The Biggest Gift

Now that you are all set to plunge in the “Art of Giving”, let me tell you that you would give much more earnestly and wholeheartedly if you first start with giving to yourself. And

what would be the greatest gift to yourself? That would be you, yourself! Give yourself your undivided company every single day and use these moments of solitude for self-contemplating. Rejoice in your being, enhance the love in your heart and dwell in the goodness of forgiving and a grateful heart.