Seven Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Weekends

Our Weekends Seem To Be Fleeting And Gone Too Soon

“Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” – John Shirley

Many of us may relate to the quote above. We may have spent five days a week looking forward to two, only to realize that they were gone far too soon. Unfortunately for us, we can’t stop or control time. So what is one regular, non-superhuman to do? Even if we don’t have time bending abilities, what we can do is manage our time better. Check out these seven tips to help make the most out of your weekends.


1. Plan For The Weekend In Advance

Making A Plan For Yourself Will Help You Execute So Much More

Waking up on your days off from work with no plan might lead you to waste away your time and leave you feeling unaccomplished. Making a plan incorporating the people you’re going to meet, the chores you’re going to do, and keeping allotted time for yourself will help you execute so much more than you would have executed without a plan.


2. Don’t Oversleep

Excessive Sleeping Has A Negative Effect On Our Health

As tempting as it may be, don’t oversleep. If you have a regular sleep pattern, try your best to stick to it. If your plans with friends have disrupted your sleep schedule, ensure you sleep for the same amount of time you usually do. Apart from the time lost when we oversleep, excessive sleeping has a negative effect on our health. It is known to cause several health issues including back pain, diabetes, and even heart disease.


3. Get Some Exercise

 We Should Move Our Bodies And Not Stay Idle All Day

Exercise can reduce our stress levels lower stress to a due to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals produced in our brain that acts as a natural painkiller. There are numerous types of physical activity we can try out based on the preferences we may have like yoga, running, tai chi, or even dance. Essentially, we should move our bodies and not stay idle all day just because we can.


4. Try And Finish Small Chores On The Weekdays

 Too Many Chores To Do In Your Free Time Might Leave You Feeling Overwhelmed And Frustrated

Having too many chores to do in your free time might leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. By completing a few small chores over weekdays, it can save you a lot of time when the weekend arrives. These chores might include running a few errands or doing a bit of laundry. If they’re done before the weekend, it will help you focus more on other tasks while being relaxed.


5. Have Fun With The Big Chores

 Instead Of Looking At Chores As Something You Dread, Have Fun With Them

When it’s time for big chores like cleaning the house or doing your finances, a change in the way you perceive them might play a large role in your temperament while doing them. That is to say, instead of looking at it as something you dread, have fun with them. Setting time goals to finish tasks can make them challenging and fun.


6. Sign Up For Classes That Interest You

Never Stop Learning

Learning something new and that which interests you over the weekend is an excellent way to make the most of your time. You can ask a friend to tag along or attend the class on your own. Learning something new is known to promote healthy aging and will keep you curious and interested in life.


7. Alone Time

We Don’t Spend Enough Time Introspecting Into Our Own Lives

Last but definitely not the least – alone time. Most of us have forgotten how to spend time with ourselves. We don’t spend enough time introspecting into our own lives. Alone time gives us a chance to understand our needs, motives and desires. By spending time in our own company, we develop a deeper sense of identity and individuality. It may also leaves us feeling charged up for the week to come.