Making Molehills Out Of Mountains…Achieving Your Goals.

Making Molehills Out Of Mountains…Achieving Your Goals.

The daunting tasks ahead. For many people the thought of getting started towards something huge tends to stop them in their tracks. When we are overwhelmed by the tasks that are before us, many will stop. Inertia sets in and stays at rest.

When we’re looking at the big mountain, we may think to ourselves, “How the heck am I going to reach the summit? It’s just too hard and impossible!”

Who are Possibility Thinkers?

We set mental images that makes something doable seem impossible. Yet, a few will look at that same task and think, “Hmmm, now that is a challenge that is very possible.” Those people are known as possibility thinkers. So, how do possibility thinker think?

They begin with the end in mind and then break down the impossible in smaller possible parts by going backwards to the beginning. They look at what they will need in resources, skills and so forth in order to make their goals and dreams come true. In a sense, they turn the large goal into smaller goals. Then turning those smaller goals into daily steps/tasks.


Branson is a possibility thinker that has created opportunities many times over. He finds the resources and moves forward with his dreams. He surrounds himself with the right team and support to help him reach his dreams. He understands that to reach the impossible dream he will need others alongside him. No successful person ever did it alone.

Richard Branson Quote

A possibility thinker believes powerfully in his dreams and he take continuous action. Does he or she make mistakes? Sure they do. When they do, they adjust. That is one of the reasons when doing anything, you will take it one step at a time. Even when Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11 became the first men on the moon, it was a process that included deaths along the way. It culminated when Neil said, “”That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” (This was the correct version since further evidence may have shown that Neil

Armstrong actually did state what he thought he stated. See:

Apollo 11

Yes, we should learn from both Richard Branson and the space race. Each did it through the small steps to reach their dreams. Each relied on the help of others. Each had plans to ensure their dreams came true. Each made errors and even led to the deaths of some. Yet, each kept moving forward as they learned.

Set your Dream Plan into small manageable Steps:

When you think about your own dreams, your own goals, what daily steps are you going to take to make sure you reach them? Will break the big mountain into smaller mole hills are much easier? Ultimately, it’s up to you how see your goals and what you’ll do. Right now, begin with the end in mind (your dreams and goals), track backwards to the present. Imagine all the resources you needed. Imagine all the help you needed. Imagine all the steps you took.


run the whole sequence forward towards your dreams and goals. This time, imagine you taking the necessary steps, using the right resources, getting the right help and support….all the way to each dream and goal you have. Imagine the very moment you reached that goal, that dream. How do you feel?

Do this several times each day. Look at each task you take as simply one of the steps necessary as you’ve imagined they would be. When you do this, you’ll feel more motivated to keep moving forward. It’ll be almost like you’ve been through this before and you won’t procrastinate as you may have in the past.