Your Makeup Kit Is A Working ‘Chemical Lab’

Do you know what you are compromising in return for that mascara that promises you long black eyelashes, lipstick assuring you 24-hour stability? Your Health!

As per the current law, FDA approves cosmetic companies to launch a product in the market without any safety assessment. While the package might advocate organic ingredients, at the end of the day you have no clue what you are compromising in return for few moments of ‘Bling’.
Your pores absorb whatever you put on them and often we brush the harmful effects away by vouching for our trust on ‘So and So Brand’. If makeup is part of your daily routine, then, we know saying “No’ will be tough. But how about we giving you a quick overview about what might be hidden in your makeup. Decide for yourself!


1. Phthalates

All those ingredients that you see listed as ‘fragrance’ contain Phthalates which affect the endocrine system and disrupt the hormone secretion in

the body. Prolonged interference might result in reproductive abnormalities, decreased levels of testosterone in males as well as neurological damage.

You must be wondering if phthalates are that dangerous, then how come they aren’t banned. Well, companies claim these fragrances as part of their trade formula, and are therefore not required to specify them on the label. Most deodorants, perfumes, lip balms, and nail polishes contain phthalates.

What You Should Buy Instead:

Avoid products that list ‘fragrance’ as their ingredient, instead, go for the ones that use plants oils and essences.

2. Lead

If you still have no idea that lead is extremely harmful to your body, then, we think you are probably living under a rock. Despite so many proven ill-effects, including kidney damage, lead is still used as one of the ingredients in some foundations, lipsticks and even toothpastes that promise instant whitening.

What You Should Buy Instead:

Purchase goods from companies that make small batches as lead is primarily used to avoid any kind of contamination that may affect the product during its shelf time.

3. Quaternium-15 And Other Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives

Do you know that chemicals present in the make-up release

formaldehyde gas on breaking? One of such potentially dangerous yet common ingredients found in mascara and eyeliners is Quaternium-15 which can cause skin sensitivity, irritation, and even cancer.

What You Should Buy Instead:

Quaternium-15 is used as a preservative – chose products that use natural ingredients as alternatives such as rosemary, honey, tea tree oil etc.


4. PEG Compounds

PEG or Polyethylene Glycols are petroleum compounds that are commonly used in cream-based cosmetics to thicken and soften the product. PEG compounds encourage easy penetration of other ingredients (present in your make-up kit) in the body, however, if one of that ingredient is ethylene oxide – you need to be careful.

What You Should Buy Instead:

PEG belongs to the surfactants group – these are substances that facilitate easy dirt removal when rinsed with water. Instead, buy products with natural surfactants such as Castile Soap, Yucca Extract, Soapwort, and Quillaja Bark Extract .

5. Butylated Compounds (BHT, BHA)

src="" alt="3" width="1200" height="627" srcset=" 1200w, 300w, 768w, 1024w, 770w, 326w" sizes="(max-width: 696px) 100vw, 696px" />BHT and BHA not only common ingredients of makeup products but are also used as preservatives in food items to increase their shelf life. Both BHT and BHA obstruct endocrine functionality, thus, increasing dangers of abnormal reproduction, skin allergies, and even cancer.

What You Should Buy Instead:

Expired food items and cosmetics are as dangerous as products with chemicals like BHT and BHA. Avoid these ingredients and instead, shop for products that have natural preservatives such as aspen bark extract and Vitamin E.


6. Parabens

4Paraben is used as a preservative in make-up–this chemical constituent is known for mimicking estrogen and affecting the reproduction as well as nervous system.

What You Should Buy Instead:

Yes, we are going to repeat ourselves to shop for products that use natural ingredients as preservatives.

Trust us folks, the only reason we have talked your ear off is

to sensitize you to the potential dangers you are throwing yourself into by using these chemicals on your skin. Banish the chemicals and allow your skin to shine in all its “natural” glory!