Magnificence And My Philosophy On Spirituality

Magnificence And My Philosophy On Spirituality
Magnificence And My Philosophy On Spirituality

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day when you find out why.”
(Mark Twain)

Many years ago when I watched The Secret for the first time, I was instantly attracted to a phrase in the movie, “I am magnificence in human form.”


While the phrase was inspiring, I was also intimidated by it. Magnificence felt like too grand a description for me, almost boastful and arrogant. But long after finishing the movie, “I am magnificence in human form” stuck with me. It resonated deep and it seemed important.

Many years, books, long hikes, and hours of thought later, that phrase has become the centerpiece for my philosophy on spirituality.


My Definition of Spirituality

I define spirituality as discovering and cultivating the inner being that is my unique soul. Spirituality is learning to detect the differences between energy and ideas created by my mind and those generated deep within my awareness. Spirituality is realizing my inner spirit is my direct connection to the greater magnificence of everything, the Universe, the Almighty.

Listening to My Heart vs. My Head

My spiritual practice is based on slowing down, being quiet, and listening to my heart.


The heart-based way connects me to my spiritual source. Listening to my heart brings me energy, ease, joy, and grace. From here I see abundance and feel generous. The head-based way connects me to the selfishness of my ego. Listening to my head brings me insecurity, worry, and shame. From here I see a world of scarcity and I feel a need to protect what’s mine.

My spiritual practice is to recognize head-based thoughts and actions, and then replace them with heart-based ones. When I do this, energy, ease, joy, and grace flows into my life.


Spiritual Guidance from a Pendulum

Michael A. Singer’s The Untethered Soul helped me understand why the heart-based way fuels happiness and spiritual connection. Using the analogy of a pendulum, Singer explains how the ego or mind-based path creates unproductive energy that pushes and pulls from one extreme to the other.

Bad thoughts, poor choices, and negativity create energy that forces the pendulum off-center. Breaking your diet one day, then feeling guilty and starving yourself the next. Telling a lie to gain something today, then getting caught and suffering consequences tomorrow. Skipping exercise one day, then going twice as hard the next day and injuring your self. Every push in one direction creates energy of equal force that swings back in the other direction. My pendulum sways off-center when I listen to the selfishness of my mind — and it doesn’t feel good.


There is no swinging from side to side on the heart-based path. Energy is not wasted recovering from bad thoughts or poor choices. The pendulum stops swinging and energy moves forward. This is why I have more energy when I follow my heart. My pendulum comes to rest at the center where there is no energy pushing me one way or pulling me the other.

Living On-Center with the Heart-Based Path

I stay on-center when I listen to my heart and connect to something greater. When I am on-center, I feel energy, ease, joy, and grace.


When I am on-center, I may get into “the zone” as my most creative self — immersed in an interesting project, losing track of time, and performing with ease. Sometimes it’s a powerful feeling of gratitude when hiking alone in the natural beauty of wilderness. Sometimes when I meditate, a wave of emotion washes over me as I feel a deep connection to something great.

When I am on-center, I am living from the inner spirit that is my unique soul. I recognize and release energy or ideas created by my ego, and instead focus on those generated from within my deeper awareness.


When I am on-center, I cultivate my connection with the greater power of the universe. When I am on-center, I have incredible energy, my days are easy, and my life is full of joy. When I am on-center, I am magnificence in human form — and it feels great!

Books and Programs That Have Inspired My Spirituality

While there are many books and programs that have influenced my spiritual philosophy, here are a few favorites:

Super Soul Sunday on OWN
The Untethered Soul
 by Michael A. Singer
Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Halftime by Bob P. Buford

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