Lower Your Smart Phone Use And Dependency With These Five Steps

Many of us share an inseparable bond with our cell phones. We may want to keep them on us at all times and may even feel a deep insecurity when we part with them. But it is essential to keep in mind that excessive mobile phone use can negatively affect our health. It could cause an increase in stress levels, eye vision trouble, disruption of regular sleep patterns, and changed posture. Apart from the negative impacts on your physical health, excessive cell phone use also has an negative affect in relationship building and mental health. If you’re someone who is looking to reduce the time you spend on your phone, these tips may help you out.

1. Designated Time Periods For Cell Phone Usage

Give Yourself Designated Time Periods For Cell Phone Usage


Try and estimate the average amount of time you spend on your phone daily. It is likely that when you begin do this, it will automatically reduce the amount of time your spend on it as you become slightly more conscious of your behavior. Once you have a rough estimate, try and set goals to bring down that number. You can implement a few strategies such as setting a designated time for your phone usage, allotting separate time limits for various apps, or ensuring that you don’t use your phone during work or class hours.

2. Learn To Enjoy The Time Spent Away From Your Phone

Perform Solo Activities Without The Company Of Your Phone


Most of us are so attached (literally) to our phones that we feel weird when we part from it. It is essential for us to try and get accustomed to how our bodies and minds feel when we don’t have our phone on us. Performing solo activities like morning walks, writing, reading, meditation, etc. without the company of our phone can gives us the alone time we all so desperately need. The experience may feel awkward or difficult on your first attempt but you may eventually begin to enjoy this time and crave more of it.

3. Let Your Phone Help You Keep Away From It

 There Are Many Ways In Which Your Phone Can Help You Keep Away From It


There are many ways in which your phone can help you keep away from it. Change your phone settings so that they don’t display notifications from social media or personal messaging apps while at work so as to avoid distraction. Ensure that you set your phone on silent or vibrate mode when you’re meeting people face to face as this creates a positive atmosphere that encourages conversation. You can also download apps that help calculate the average amount of time you spend on your phone per day and they can even help you set goals to reduce it.

4. Uninstall Apps That You Know Are An Absolute Waste Of Your Time


Do you feel like you’re passively consuming pointless information through social media apps on your phone? The very presence of these apps on your phone might be the cause of your distraction. Clearing cell phone clutter regularly is in many ways as important as de-cluttering your homes. Uninstall the apps that distract you from your goal immediately and try directing your attention onto other things that you may want to learn or do.

5. Pursue Your Interests During Gained Time


Some people tend to use their phones excessively simply out of boredom rather than necessity. Keeping yourself engaged and occupied in daily tasks and other interests may help you reduce the time that you spend on your phone and might improve overall mental and physical health. Use the time that you’ve gained from your reduced phone exposure and invest it in pursuing other interests that you’ve always wanted to do but claimed you never had the time for.