10 Tips For Low-Carb Restaurant Orders

So you’re on a low-carb diet and your high school buddies want to meet you at your favorite restaurant after work to celebrate a friend’s birthday. What to do, what to do?

There are quite a few things you can do or look out for when dining out so you can still have a good time and eat healthy.


10 Tips To Follow

1. Surf For Low-Carb Options

Many restaurants are now privy to the fact that its patrons are looking for ways to eat healthy and still dine out. Lots of menu options including low-calorie, low-carb, and low sodium choices exist now for your pleasure.



If you don’t see anything of interest you can always ask your waiter for advice on what to order. You also always have the right to ask how the dish is prepared and request special options that may not be advertised on the menu.

2. Avoid Heavy Sauces

Just as there are many healthier choices on the menu there are still menu items that may be drenched in sauces. Either order the dish with the sauce on the side or just order something else.



Ordering the sauce on the side and dipping the item in it with a fork lets you control how much sauce you eat. Just don’t go overboard or it will defeat the whole purpose of having the sauce on the side.


3. Get Veggies As Your Side

Instead of opting for greasy fries get some boiled broccoli or other non-starchy vegetable choices as your side dish. If it’s possible, order a salad to go with your meal, but be careful with the dressing.



4. Order The Dressing On The Side

Just like with heavy sauces we can get carried away with salad dressing. Ask for the dressing on the side or better yet, get none at all. If you choose to get the dressing on the side, then use your fork to dip your salad items into the small dressing container.



5. Say No To Complimentary Bread

Yes, the bread that comes with the whole table is usually right out the oven which makes it even harder to resist. Most of the time it’s served with either butter or olive oil. Butter and olive oil can be healthy choices, but if you are looking to stick to a low-carb diet then you will obviously skip them if you are going to avoid eating bread.



6. Avoid Bread In General

That means burgers unless you want to have a bunless burger, then go for it. You can always use a large piece of lettuce as the bun. Your waiter should be able to make that change for you.


7. Avoid Alcohol And Soda

Alcohol gives you with 9 calories per gram. Soda more than likely will provide you with more than that, especially if it has high-fructose corn syrup and other added sugars. Just skip the alcohol and soda this outing.


8. Drink Lots Of Water

So what’s the next best thing to drink if you’re skipping alcohol and soda? Water, of course. And this can also include tea as well, although easy on the sweetener. You can never go wrong with drinking water. Plus, it will make you feel fuller so you don’t eat as much.


9. Choose Fish

Fish will provide you with some healthy fats. Just don’t choose fried fish. Opt for fish that has been wild-caught and will be either baked or broiled.


10. Avoid Pasta Dishes

This is a double whammy – more than likely it will be enriched pasta with heavy sauces. Find something else in place of the pasta dishes.