5 Ways To Shed Those Last Few Pounds

How To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is a long, and many times difficult, journey. For those of us who manage to stick on the healthy path, there comes a point towards the end when we feel our motivation dwindling. It’s common to see people who have come so close to their goal weight, struggle to lose those last couple of pounds. If you feel like you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, don’t feel discouraged. All you need to lose those last few inches is a little creativity and a lot of determination.

1. Mix Up Your Routine

New Workout Moves Will Get You Out Of The Rut

Doing the same routine every single day will eventually lead to diminishing returns. What might have worked amazingly for you at first, might not have the same effect after a few months. To push your body further, speak to your trainer about developing a new routine. A new routine will work your muscles in a different way, requiring them to expend

more energy in the process. The more you exert your body, the more calories you burn. A new routine will also make you more excited to go to the gym because it will kill your boredom.

2. Take Up A New Sport

A New Sport Will Challenge Your Body

If you aren’t already making sports a part of your workout regime, it’s time you started. Sports get you so involved that you often forget how many calories you’re burning in the process. However, even if people do play sports to lose weight, it’s usually the ones they’re good at. If you’re intimidated by mixed martial arts or kickboxing, you’re probably going to avoid them at all costs. But get out of your comfort zone and try a sport that you’re plain awful at. Not only will you pick up a new skill, but the new range of movements will also tire out your muscles.

3. Load Up On Vegetables

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When you’re trying to lose weight, you can’t go wrong with vegetables. Vegetables are rich in fiber and low in calories, the perfect combination for weight loss. This doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck eating salads all day long. Vegetables are extremely versatile, can take on a number of flavors and can be eaten in many different ways. You can spiralize zucchini to make faux spaghetti or crumble cauliflower instead of eating rice. The possibilities really are endless. Eat a lot more vegetables than fruits because fruits tend to be high in sugar.

4. Choose Full-Body Workouts

 Work Out All Your Muscle Groups At One Go

Arm days and leg days are so passe. Why work out a single part of your body when you can exercise your entire body instead? Ask your trainer to show you full-body moves that utilize all your muscles and also

serve a functional purpose. Don’t let high intensity cardio workouts scare you, include more of them in your regime. While cardio in general is important for weight loss, high intensity cardio is doubly effective. These moves push your body so hard, you continue burning calories even after you’ve stopped. These moves also include a full range of motions, ensuring every muscle group is utilized.

5. Re-Evaluate Your Everyday Habits

Find New Ways To Be Healthy

A lot of times, it’s the small things we do that have the biggest impact. Analyze what you do every single day and see if there’s a healthier alternative. For example, if you take the elevator to work or home, pick the stairs instead. If you eat your meals at irregular times, eat earlier and stick to that schedule. One of the biggest culprits behind weight gain is snacking. Snacks seem inconsequential, but bad snacking habits are a big reason for why you can’t lose weight. While you shouldn’t

forego snacks completely, there a lot of healthier options out there. Eat apples with peanut butter or homemade granola for a healthy energy fix.