How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Whoever said weight loss is easy. It isn’t. Whether you’re a new mom trying to get your flat tummy back or a 20-something longing for a beach body, weight loss is hard work. And the latest fad diet is just that. A fad. And starvation diets will make you put on weight sooner than you lose it. How about we look at a diet plan that is reasonable enough for you to stick to, and one that gives you long term and continued results unlike all the yo-yo diets doing the rounds? Read on to know more.

1. Go Easy When You Begin

Start with what you like. If you want to begin working out, and enjoy biking, then forget the treadmill and bike. If you like carrots, then add more carrots to your diet plan. It’s easier to do things you like. Reserve the difficult changes for later.

2. Find Healthier Alternatives

Switch from processed foods to whole fruits, vegetables, grains and meats. Processed

foods are higher in sugar, salt, fat and calories and are unhealthy more often than not. By taking them out of your diet, you wouldn’t just be losing weight, you will also be choosing to be healthier.

3. Mind Your Portions

It takes up to 20 minutes for your brain to figure out that your stomach is full. If you feel you’ve eaten a good-sized meal and still feel hungry, try waiting for 20 minutes before eating more. After 20 minutes, you’ll start feeling full and won’t find yourself reaching out for another helping.

4. Eat Slowly

Pay attention to what you’re eating and chew your food well. Don’t have the TV or a book distract you from your meal. Enjoy each morsel. Pay attention to the flavors, smells and textures of what you’re eating. You’ll find yourself not eating as much as you thought you would.

5. Drink Up!

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Try replacing your drinks throughout the day with water. You’ll not just feel refreshed, you’ll also feel less hungry. A lot of times when our body is thirsty, we mistake it for hunger and reach out for a snack. Also, when the body is well hydrated, it’ll not try and retain water in the cells and tissues, and you’ll see yourself weighing lesser and lesser on the weighing scale.

6. Say No To Sugar In Your Coffee

Stop adding sugar to your morning tea or coffee and see the difference. Sugar isn’t just unwanted calories, it’s also unhealthy as it increases the amount of insulin in your body, which makes your body hold onto fat.

7. Add Veggies, One Serving A Day

Fill your meals with more veggies than carbs. Veggies will give your body nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber. They will also help you feel fuller without adding unnecessary calories. It will help not to go cold turkey with this move and make the switch at your own pace.

8. Limit Alcohol To Weekends

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Alcohol adds to your calorific intake significantly. Limit your alcohol intake by deciding to drink only over weekends. And even on weekends, keeping it to a maximum of three drinks. It’s also important that you let your friends and family know about your goals. Another way to cut down on your alcohol consumption can be to offer to be the designated driver on your nights out.

9. Have A ‘No Carbs In The Morning’ Rule

Remove carbs from your breakfast and add protein, vegetables and healthy fats. What you can also do, is to add a small amount of whole carbs to your evening meal which will help you sleep better, which will in turn help you with your weight loss goals.

10. Sleep Well

Sleep plays a very important role in weight loss. If you aren’t sleeping enough, your body will be in a state of stress. In this fatigued state, you’ll not just want to skip your workout, you’ll also end up making unhealthy food choices.

11. Balance Cardio And Strength Training


a workout routine that includes both cardio and strength training. Cardio will help burn calories while strength training will make you stronger, build muscle and boost your metabolism. If you’re just beginning, it may help to get a fitness trainer to help you out initially.

12. Move, Move, Move

Get off that chair! Start walking after your lunch and dinner. Plan active dates and outings instead of dinners and movies. Be on the move and see yourself getting healthier and more active.