Being Single: Associated Stereotypes And How To Look Beyond Them

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Single

It’s true that human beings are social animals who desire intimacy and companionship but this does not imply that if you’re single and prefer to be, that there is something wrong with you. Anthropological studies have found that, one of the many reasons why marriage as a historical practice came to be was so the state could regulate the procreation of children. Today, ideals of marriage and relationships have more to do with the fulfillment of a wide expanse of needs like that of a desire to be loved and to love. Therefore, people have somehow associated that being in relationships inevitably means living in happiness, stability, security and fulfillment. This idealized positive view of being in a romantic relationship has led to a large number of negative stereotypes that are associated with being single.

Stereotypes Associated With Single People

Assure The People Closest To You That You Are Happy Just The Way You Are

In a series of studies conducted by Tobias Greitemeyer,

it was found that there were a large number of negative stereotypes associated with people living single lives as opposed to people who were either married or in romantic relationships. Some of those stereotypes included that single people had lower self-esteem, were living unsatisfied lives, were less attractive physically, less agreeable, more lonely, and that they might lack the right social skills. Given that this is the case, if you’re happily single, it might frustrate you to large extent when someone who cares for you suggests that you find a partner or that you start dating. One of the reasons that they would make this suggestion is because of the primary stereotypical assumption that people who are single are unsatisfied and often lonely. The idea of pleasurable solitude might not be something they are familiar with. Another reason that your well wishers may ask you to enter a relationship might be their concern for your social security in later years. They may not be aware that many people have led completely self-sufficient lifestyles without having to depend on anyone. It
may be up to you to assure them of your confidence in taking care of yourself and that you’re happy just the way you are.

Why You Should Overlook The Stereotypes Associated With Being Single

Don’t Be Affected By The Stereotypes

Greitemeyer’s research provides evidence that most stereotypes associated with being single are not true so if you’re single and prefer it, don’t be affected by them. There are plenty of reasons as to why single life is completely satisfactory and as to why you may even prefer it to being in a relationship. Some of those reasons are:

1. Your No. 1 Priority Is You

 You Are Your Number One Priority

Being single allows you to be your own priority. In most relationships, partners have expectations from each other and when these expectations are not being met, it could lead to disappointment. Living a life in

which you decide what happens and when it happens might be more satisfying to you and that’s completely okay.

2. You Get To Focus On Things That Are More Important To You

 Direct You Energy To The Things That Matter The Most To You

If you’re the kind of person who would like to prioritize your career or passions and be able to give yourself up to them completely, chances are you would prefer the single life. You will have complete control over your time and will be able to direct your energy to whatever matters most to you.

3. You Get To Experiment And Explore Different People Without The Commitment

Exploring New People Helps You Learn More About Yourself

Being single doesn’t mean sex is off the table. You can always meet new interesting people without the commitment of a relationship. Exploring other people may help

you learn more about yourself and this is an added advantage.

4. You Control Your Happiness

Derive Happiness From Within Yourself

Many people in relationships begin to derive their sense of happiness from them. This often ends badly as the best kind of happiness is one that is derived from within oneself. Living the single life will help you learn this and you can begin to enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing that you don’t depend on anyone for your happiness.