Look Like The Red Carpet Diva That You Are (Even When Pregnant)

Long gone are the days when maternity wear involved only ruffles and layers that would help the momma-to-be conceal her baby bump meticulously. Today’s new moms have nothing to hide and doesn’t have to conceal her belly, for as fashion states, it’s not about showing off, it’s about elegance, sophistication and style.


One Hot Mama-to-be

Pregnancy sure changes thing, but that doesn’t mean that you would feel uncomfortable. It’s not strange to find women doubting themselves and feel like a stranger in her own body and shying away from the mirror. The US Office of Women’s Health further confirms that pregnant women suffer from body image issues. But have some heart girl, you have a tiny little being growing inside of you, and have put on some weight, but that doesn’t mean that your partner will find unattractive or overweight. Believe it when we say that confidence is one of the most attractive assets that you can have, so carry it on like one hot mama!

If you are still uncomfortable flaunting your growing belly, don’t lose heart, wear something what makes you feel sexy and gives you comfort. If that means a tight t-shirt made of stretchy fabric or an unbuttoned sweater, go for it!

Flatter Yourself Always

Invest in those beautiful maternity dresses. You don’t have to make do with stretchy pants and over-sized t-shirts, you deserve clothes that makes you feel pretty. And, there are so many of them, so head out and buy something that makes you comfortable.

Pro tip: Invest in at least one maxi dress and some accessories that you can pair up with your new clothes.

Pregnancy Proofing Your Beauty Regimen

What you must remember is that any product that is absorbed by your skin can get into the bloodstream and eventually reach your baby. Hold on, don’t ditch your mascara yet! Just pregnancy-proof your beauty products, which means that invest in labels that are not harmful for you and your baby.

Get Your Gorgeous Hair Already Going!

With all that pregnancy hormones gushing inside of you, you are already blessed with beautiful hair. Opt for a short, trendy haircut or a blowout for that date night, feel free to try out new styles minus the chemicals.

Getting The Basics Right – Shoes and Lingerie

It’s not that you have to start right away in investing maternity bras. You can still stick with your favorite lingerie as long as they fits (and as long as they are comfortable). Maternity wear can be bought during your third trimester.
Regarding shoes, you might have to invest in bigger shoes and some really comfortable ones. This is because your feet expand due to water retention. Also, stilettos might be a risky proposition, which is why, go ahead and splurge on some kitten heels, chunky heeled boots, platforms etc. These are stylish, pretty and would be safe.

There are a still few don’ts (irrespective of old rules regarding maternity being broken down):

-Don’t sacrifice comfort: Appearance is one thing, comfort is another. Don’t buy clothes that makes you feel uncomfortable, restricts your movement or dig into your body.

-Don’t take it too far: Even if sky is the limit, you can choose maternity clothes that are well-fitted and not too tight.

-Don’t forget to indulge: Clothes, makeup and shoes can do only so much. Remember that its important to be happy and indulge in some ‘me’ time. Go for that spa with your partner, have that date night without restrictions, for all this would help you stay relaxed and happy – the key to a fulfilling pregnancy journey.

It is important that you nurture yourself during your pregnancy. Bask in that glow and ensure to have a good time!