Six Long-Term Effects Of Precocious Puberty

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Attaining puberty is a beautiful milestone in life. But these days, puberty hits much earlier, especially in girls. Precocious puberty is the new normal and it is estimated that 1 in 5000 American kids are in early puberty.1

Researchers claim that the biggest cause of precocious puberty is the invasion of our lives by harmful chemicals. These chemicals are often estrogen-mimicking and include phthalates, parabens, PFOA, bisphenol-A (BPA).2


Most kids who attain precocious puberty suffer from a wide range of issue relating to body image and self-confidence.

Long Term Effects of Precocious Puberty

1. Higher Chances Of Body-Image Issues

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In children whom puberty hits early, it leads to a wave of physical transformation like having periods, breakouts, developing breasts and even exhibiting more physical growth than peers.3This is a very crucial period that demands parents and teachers to be most understanding and empathetic of the child. Guide them with confidence and compassion to embrace the physical changes in this phase as calmly as possible.

2. Early Puberty Increases The Risk Of Depression

long term effects precocious puberty depression


Studies claim that the signs of depressions are more in children who reach puberty early and girls are more vulnerable than boys.4The surge in estrogen release, rapid physical changes along with social interactions all contribute depressive changes.5Often girls who get puberty earlier than their same-sex peers find it difficult to maintain friendships.

3. More Chances Of Suffering From Eating Disorders

long term effects precocious puberty eating disorder


Prior to reaching puberty, most girls and boys don’t think much about what they eat and how it could affect their weight. According to a study, girls became more aware of diet, exercise, and body weight after puberty.6 This is a trend that parent and teachers should be wary about. These kids are more prone to being dissatisfied with their bodies, hence more likely to suffer from bulimia.7

4. Increased Chances Of Reduced Academic Performance

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Early maturers look physically more mature than their same-sex peers and this means they are more likely to experiment with dating and sexual freedom. This could lead to decreased interest in studies leading to poor academic achievements. Many early maturers also limit themselves from pursuing college education too.8

5. Higher Chances Of Delinquency

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Early maturers are more likely to get into violent behaviors like shoplifting, vandalism, fighting, shooting and substance abuse. Children tend to hang out with peers who are similar to them. Early maturers often befriend older kids to feel comfortable and many a time end up in bad company.9Boys who are early maturers have been found to exhibit delinquent behavior that is both violent and non-violent.10

6. Increased Sexual Activity And Associated Problems

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Girls who develop secondary sexual features early appear more desirable to older boys. The chances of unwanted sexual activity are higher in relationships with older partners.11 This makes them more vulnerable to STDs and early pregnancies.12

Nonetheless, there are a vast number of children who attain puberty and have a smooth transition. These kids have supportive and understanding family members along with sensible teachers. If their concerns are addressed mindfully, these children will grow up into sorted individuals who are mindful too.