5 Secrets Of Long-Term Couples Who Still Have Hot Sex

Has your sex life become dull and you can’t remember the last time you had sex and enjoyed it? Is having sex just a part of your routine and you have nothing to look forward to? Many of you who are in long-term relationships may feel this way, but it does not have to be the norm. Your sex life can be as passionate as it was when you started dating your partner. In fact, it can even be better as you now know your partner more and there is more intimacy in your relationship. It is not easy to keep the flame of passion burning strong for so long. You can follow a few tips so that you too can enjoy great sex even after years of being together with your spouse.

1. Talk About Sex

Communication is key when it comes to enjoying great sex with your partner. You have to let each other know what you want in the bedroom. Do

you want to try a new position, more foreplay, or a new sex toy? Keeping your sexual fantasies in your head is not going to help. Maybe you and your partner can take turns to try out each of your fantasies. And after you are done, praise your partner about how good it felt. Let them know how it drives you crazy when they do a certain thing. Not only will it increase the intimacy to a great extent, it will also give the two of you a better idea of what pleases each other.

2. Be Affectionate Outside The Bedroom

Kinky sex toys or new positions are not the things that sexually satisfy you in the long run. In the end, it’s all about how happy you are even outside the bedroom. You are more likely to have sex when you feel loved and you get along with your partner. So be affectionate with each other throughout the day or whenever you can. A

loving text to show how much you care for your partner or sweet gestures to express your love will lead to greater sexual satisfaction.

3. Mix It Up A Bit

You may have had sex with the same person for many years, but it does not have to become a routine. You can try new positions, new toys, sexy lingerie, or role play to spice things up. Doing something different every now and then will definitely turn the heat on when you have sex.

4. Focus On Each Other’s Pleasure

You do want to feel satisfied after you are done with sex, but instead of focusing on yourself, you can shift the focus on your partner. This way both of you will be giving it your all, and it is bound to make you want more. And, if sex is satisfying for both partners involved, you

will crave sex more frequently.

5. Set The Stage For Sex

It’s a different thing when you just start dating and can’t keep your hands off each other, but as time passes, such strong sexual urges die down a bit. You need to set the stage for some orgasmic sex. Light some scented candles, drink some wine, or play some romantic music. It may not be something you can do all the time, but creating an intimate, romantic atmosphere will definitely make you go wild between the sheets.

Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship and there are no limits on how you can enjoy it as long as you and your partner are comfortable with it. Respect for each other also adds to greater satisfaction in your sex life.