10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

Newborn Love: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

There is no emotion that can match up to the joy of holding your newborn for the first time. It will be difficult to look at the fruit of your love, and not wonder how you can create something so beautiful and innocent. In the weeks following the delivery, you will fall even more in love with it. You will forget about the difficulties of pregnancy and the pain of labor rather quickly. Even though you will have to deal with sleepless nights and heaps of dirty diapers, you will be so mesmerized that you won’t mind them at all. Here are some of the little things about your newborn that will have you head over heels in love with it.

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1. Its Smell

Smell of newborn: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

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Smelling your newborn is so delightful that it will make you want more. Their smell is one of the greatest pleasures your nose will know. It triggers the release of dopamine in the reward pathways of the brain – cocaine, food, sex, and gambling evoke the same response. It helps create that infant-mother bond.

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2. Its Tiny Feet

Newborn Feet: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

There’s something about your newborn’s tiny feet that will leave you in awe. They are soft, supple, and never been walked on. Cupping these tiny structures in your hands and running the tip of your fingers on the soles will give you a deep sense of satisfaction that will only make it harder to stay away.

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3. How It Sleeps

Baby Sleeping: 10 Little Things
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Watching your newborn sleep is one of the most peaceful things on the planet. Apart from being unbelievably cute, they are free of tension, which reflects on their faces when they sleep. You should take these moments as down times and get some shut eye for yourself.

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4. Its Facial Expressions

newborn expressions: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

Just as you will be amused by your little one, it will be amused by the completely new world around it. It is an absolute delight to see the way it looks at you, and how it tries to make sense of all the sights and sounds. It is difficult not to smile when you look at its wide, adorable eyes and open mouth.

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5. Its Soft

Newborn Skin: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

As an adult, you long for soft skin, but no amount of exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing will make it as soft as your newborn’s. It is so tender that you will automatically exercise extra caution when holding it in your arms.

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6. Its Noises

Newborn noises: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

Babies not only look cute, but also make adorable sounds. The soft snorts and grunts while feeding, the coos and whimpers, and even the cries will be some of the most delightful sounds you will ever hear.

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7. Its Hiccups

Newborn Surprised: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

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You might get worried when your baby hiccups for the first time, but after you realize that frequent hiccups are normal, you will notice how wonderful they are. Both the sound and the look of surprise are adorable. You can keep your little one up straight and rub its back when it has the hiccups.

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8. Its Helplessness

Cuddling newborn: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

One of the things you will enjoy about your little one is how helpless it is. It will not be able to escape your cuddles, and you can dress it up the way you like. You can kiss it and play with it whenever you want, and you will never hear it complain.

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9. Its Arms And Legs

Newborn movements: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

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You will be enchanted to see the way your little one’s arms and legs move when you leave it in its crib. These movements are involuntary reactions to stimuli. Their adorable legs are curled up even when they are not restricted, and their tiny hands are mostly clenched.

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10. Its Perfection

Perfect Newborn: 10 Little Things You Will Love About Your Newborn

You will find your bundle of joy perfect in every way and will not find faults in them even as they grow older. It is a natural maternal behavior that will make you adore them even more.

You should make full use of the first few months of your adorable little one’s life. Once it’s gone, it is difficult to get it back. If you spend precious time with it, you will look back and smile instead of regretting that you could have done more.