7 Ways To Make Vegetables Appetizing

Vegetables should form a major chunk of your daily diet as they are loaded with nutrients and fiber, but what if you just don’t like to eat them? There are many reasons why veggies may not be appealing to you. It can be because of their taste, texture, or odor or a combination of all of these factors. If you go, “Yuck!” every time you think of vegetables, then you should try a few things out and give them a second chance. Veggies are loaded with goodness and can definitely work well on your taste buds when prepared properly.

1. Add Healthy Fats To Improve The Taste Of Vegetables



If you hate biting into boring, steamed vegetables, then don’t. Vegetables are extremely healthy and low in calories, so a drizzle of olive oil, walnut oil, or sesame oil over your steamed veggies will add to the goodness without raising the caloric value to high. These fats do wonders to the taste and you might actually start loving your veggies. You can also add a dash of toasted nuts, chopped pecans, or crushed walnuts over vegetables for better taste and texture.

2. Don’t Overcook Your Veggies



When putting vegetables in your mouth seems like the most difficult task you’ve ever had to do in your life, then mushy, overcooked vegetables certainly don’t make things easier. Overcooked vegetables not only lose their flavor but are also not appealing to look at. Vegetables are best when they are cooked only until they are lightly crisp. They should be cooked well, but you should be able to feel a bit of crunch as you bite into them.

3. Choose Baby Vegetables For Milder Flavors



If the main reason for your dislike of vegetables is their flavor, you should go for their baby versions. There are plenty of baby turnips, corn, artichokes, squashes, and Brussels sprouts available and these smaller vegetables don’t have strong flavors like their mature counterparts. Even young leafy greens have milder tastes and are quite tender when compared to mature ones.

4. Roast Vegetables For Better Flavors



Roasted vegetables have a very intriguing taste, which you might like. Vegetables contain natural sugars. Cooking them in an oven caramelizes these sugars, giving them a deep taste. Just chop some vegetables, such as beets, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, Brussels sprouts, or artichokes, and spread them on a baking sheet over a tray. Drizzle some olive oil and season them. Heat your oven to 425° F and place the tray in the oven. Roast the veggies for about 30 minutes and turn them from time to time to make sure they are roasted evenly.

5. Blanch Vegetables To Improve The Taste



Instead of stir-frying raw vegetables, you can blanch them first. Blanching reduces the raw taste of vegetables but does not remove the vitamins. Just add your veggies like green beans, broccoli, or cauliflower to boiling water, keep them for 45 seconds, and quickly rinse them in cold water. You can directly have these veggies by seasoning them, or you can add them to salads. Cold vegetables don’t give off odors like hot ones do.

6. Massage Vegetables To Remove The Raw Taste



Eating your green veggies raw is certainly a good way to derive nutrition, but the strong, raw taste may cause some of you to wince. To get rid of this issue, chop your greens into fine pieces, place them in a colander, and run mildly hot water over them. Massage the vegetables with your hands for a minute or two as you run the water through them. You can rinse them with cold water afterward to maintain their freshness.

7. Season Vegetables To Make Them Appealing To Your Taste Buds



When vegetables are only boiled or steamed, they taste quite bland, which will definitely cause you to dislike them. Seasoning veggies completely changes the way they taste, that too without adding any extra calories. There are plenty of herbs, sauces, and spices you can add to your vegetables, and you don’t need to stick to a particular combination. You can go all out and use your creativity when it comes to seasoning.

Vegetables taste great when you put in a little effort to play around with their flavors. Experiment with different ways to cook them and they will definitely click with your taste buds.