7 Lifestyle Habits That Heal From Endometriosis

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, you may be thinking of other alternatives to prescription medicine that can help you heal. Exploring all options certainly helps and for many women, they have discovered that a few manageable changes in lifestyle were the key to healing naturally.

7 Lifestyle Habits To Heal

Habits that helped me heal my endometriosis that may also work for you.


1. Using Emotional Freedom Technique Daily

During an EFT session, you focus on a specific issue tapping on “end points of the body’s energy meridians”. The idea behind this technique is to heal the body through re-balancing emotional and physical health.

EFT helped heal my body by re-wiring my emotional and physical health. During an EFT session, I focused on a specific problem while tapping my body’s energy meridian points.


2. Eating An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I removed caffeinated beverages, sugary drinks, and alcohol from my diet. I opted for gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free foods. There are already a lot of suggestions out there on diets that can ease your endometriosis symptoms. Every woman’s body and nutritional needs are different so while there are many options, do trust your instincts.

Eat based on your body’s hormonal state and basic needs. Choose organic produce, meat, and milk when the option is available. Shop for foods rich in fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Minimize eating red meat. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet which are proven to reduce estrogen levels in the body. Above all, eat healthy.


3. Boosting My Immune System

Many doctors feel that endometriosis is caused by a weak immune system so I strengthened mine with plenty of vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics.

4. Leaving My Job

I felt exploited so I needed to move on to do something I felt more passionate about, with people I actually trusted who had a similar mission in life


If your job is causing you way too much stress, it will only aggravate your symptoms further. It will be a never-ending cycle – your job provokes anxiety, your stress induces more discomfort, and that pain causes you to miss work. And of course, missing work will lead to more stress brought on by missing important deadlines and meetings.

The only option may be to quit a toxic work environment to find a new job that is better for your soul thus better for your health and well-being.


5. Building A Restorative Meditation Practice

I found that building a restorative meditation practice allowed me to reconnect further to who I was as a woman so that it helped me let go of the past, connect to my desires and goals, and create a shift in my life to create the life I wanted.

You’ll find that these practices will help you internalize and move past the pain. I have found that when my mind believes it, my body agrees.


6. Prioritizing Self-Care And Rest

I prioritize self-care and rest in order to reduce cortisol which steals progesterone receptors and leads to an imbalance in progesterone to estrogen ratio. Self-care also allowed me to value myself more and really be mindful of how I was feeling and where the pain was coming from. I listened to my body and it showed me that I was ready to make the necessary changes to heal.

Not getting enough sleep stresses us out and this means our bodies won’t heal. Sleep is necessary for your immunity and detoxification. Quality sleep encourages tissue repair, regeneration, and emotional balance.


7. Reconnecting To The Wisdom Of The Female Cycle

For many women, their relationship with their menstrual cycle is a complicated one. To allow my body to heal, I made peace with mine and relied on its wisdom and connection to nature. I paid attention to my cycles, allowing each cycle to provide me with the ability to understand my own body and ability to heal.

I focused on eating foods that would support each phase of my cycle, and I allowed myself to feel what I was feeling, giving me the necessary nudge to accept the hormonal changes that are ongoing within my body.

When you do the same, you might discover how amazing your body is, and that you too have the power to change your own circumstances, and reduce your endometriosis symptoms, or perhaps even heal them from the inside out.