6 Lifestyle Changes To Adopt If You Want To Be Healthy At 100

ways to live longer till 100

Glad to see that you are one of the many, who wouldn’t mind a long and fulfilling life. When you picture an old person, often the images of happy, bespectacled senior men and women can appear first. We rarely visualize growing old to become a bitter and grumpy person. There are some great ways to make that a reality.

Lifestyle Changes To Adopt For A Long And Healthy Life

Death is a mystery and not something that one seldom dwell upon and every one of want a healthy and prosperous life. Here are some amazing lifestyle changes you can adopt if you are keen on increasing your longevity at least till 100.1


1. Eat Foods That Reduce Aging-Related Changes

have a diet rich in antioxidants

Aging-related skin and body changes are largely the actions of free radical damage. You can protect the tissues and vital organs by following a diet rich in antioxidants. These include a balanced amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Ensure that your diet is free from unreal, processed and fried foods if you wish to live longer.


Essential fatty acids like omega-3 and 6 found in poultry and seafood have the ability to prevent oxidative stress o the body. Have fiber rich foods like whole grains because they help to maintain optimum blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Limit alcohol, salt, and sugar intake for the sake of your health.

2. Take Care Of Your Health

get periodic health check ups done


Many of us absolutely detest visiting the doctor even for a basic health check-up. But, you would have to make that a habit at least 2-4 times a year if you are intending to lead a long life. Visit a dentist at least twice a year to keep tab on the health of your gums and teeth. Most old people who lose teeth with old age owe it to oral disease.

Also, visit your physician twice a year to keep track of how well your vital organs are doing. Don’t wait for something nasty to happen in order to meet a doctor. Preventing a disease or nipping it in the bud itself can be done if you take your doctor visits seriously.


3. Have Mentally Stimulating Pursuits

start hobbies to keep the brain young

Age is just a number is a very profound statement. It practically means that as long as you feel young and upbeat nothing can affect you. Hobbies like solving puzzles, playing music, knitting, learning a new language or just about anything that excites you should be a part of your routine.


These activities will prevent neurodegenerative diseases from affecting the brain cells and tissues. Make time for these pursuits as they not only keep you intrigued but also gives the fulfillment of accomplishment.

4. Stay Active With Exercise And Yoga

be active with exercise with yoga


Skeletal problems that affect the bones, muscles and joints rise with age. Especially among women, the risk of osteoporosis is higher after menopause. The stronger your skeletal system, better your chances of avoiding fractures and other injuries.

A regular exercise routine of at least 45 minutes with some yoga asanas will boost your vitality. It’s also important to have a daily intake of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.


5. Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

don't take yourself too seriously

Taking yourself too lightly requires you to practice letting go consciously. This practice should revolve around unnecessary prejudices, preconceived notions, fear, ego, and hatred. Negative emotions breed resentment which is of no good.

Get rid of emotional baggage and misery by being quick to forgive. Don’t be a control freak and allow people and events to happen in spontaneity. You might end up developing a newfound appreciation for life.

6. Practice Love And Compassion Daily

be kind, loving and compassionate

Many people who lived beyond the age of 100 claims to have a strong sense of connection with the higher power. Spend at least 20 minutes daily being grateful for everything you have. Let kindness ooze out of your actions and words. Make time to care for yourself, your family, pets, loved ones and other fellow beings in general. The absence of stress itself is the biggest contributor of a healthy mental and physical disposition.

The above tips may or may not let you live till you are 100 but will surely keep you healthy. A life well-lived is not one that’s long but one that’s impactful. Ultimately, the number of years you lived doesn’t matter in comparison to what you did with them.2