Life Evolution Karma And The Universal Laws Of Nature

Life Evolution Karma And The Universal Laws Of Nature

We are The Epitome Of The Universe:

Our ancient scriptures disclose to us that we are epitome of the universe, or rather ‘we are the universe!’ Here are 10 facts which approves as well as validates the statement.

1. We are Responsible for Creation:

“As within, so without.” This mantra says that our outside world is an exact reflection of our inner world. This has been conveyed to us by the ancient seers and spiritual sages, and requires to be given sombre contemplation so as to analyse and understand the philosophy of karma. We need to understand that our every action leads to a reaction. And so, for the incidents in our life — the happiness and the sorrow —it’s us who are entirely responsible, and cannot hold someone or something else accountable.


2. Same Components & Constituents

We humans are made up of the same physical entities as the entire universe (nature). The five building blocks or the Panch Mahabhootas that make up our bodies and also the entire universe are a beautiful way to understand that we are an extension of the universe.
As you will notice prithvi or the earth, jal or water, tejas (agni) or the sun, vayu or the air and aakash or ether, are all connected with the human body. The earth is made up of solid substances and so are we in the shape of our bones and muscles. Water is within us in the form of freely flowing juices, secretions, plasma and blood. Fire exists as digestive and metabolic processes, body temperature and gastric fire. Air is the breath and ether is the hollowness or empty space amidst the organs, cells etc.

3. We Thrive in the Natural State of Bliss

But this is not all. We as humans are also living creatures with a grand bliss called life. Brahm or the antaratma, which is the enlightened soul, is believed to be the manifestation of Aishwarya — the strong will to gain the highest — and so is parallel to the universe. When there is an amalgam of the five basic elements, or the panch mahabhootas, with the soul as in the case of the configuration of the human body, it is very much akin to the fusion of the five building blocks (earth, water, fire, air and ether) with the essence of the expression of the Supreme!


4. Description of Uniformity

In the ancient Indian text, Lok-Purusha Samanya Prakarana (Chapter), Sage Atraye has provided a vivid description about the uniform parallels between man and the universe. It is the entire factual representation of the environment, which is demonstrated in the human personality. “Yatha pinde tatha Brahmande” is a Sanskrit expression from the Charaka Samhita, an ancient Ayurveda wisdom text, which principally specifies that man is the epitome of the universe!

5. Nature Reveals with Examples

There is an array of analogous expressions between the universe and man. As is the absorbing supremacy of the sun, so is the acquiring nature in man. And as pleasant as the moon is in the universe, so is the emotion of delight in a human being.There are several such comparisons between the various deities (universal sources). Indra relates to pride or egoism, Rudra is apparent as antagonism and so on. Similarly, there is a comparison between the virtue of knowledge evolving towards wisdom and Jyoti (illumination), as well as the evaluation of the negativity projected by Tamas or inertia (darkness) and the emotion of attachment to materialism and indiscrimination gripping the human mind.


6. Stages of Life & Evolution

The formation of the absolute universe is comparable to the configuration of the foetus in the womb. Krityuga corresponds to childhood, Tretayuga is equivalent to youth and Dwaparyuga is comparable to old age. Moreover, Kaliyuga has been related to a period of ill health and infirmity, and Yugant signifies complete destruction and the conclusion of all creation.

7. The Pattern is Analogous

With so many signs, it is essential to understand the significance of the analogous pattern between the immense universe and us humans. When we are conscious about the fact that our physical body, mental traits, emotions and attitude towards everything is equivalent to the entities in the universe, we are able to conscientiously comprehend the bliss as well as the regret which is part of living.


8. Understanding the Similarity

The moment there is this self-realisation, there would be clarity, enlightenment and liberation. The law of karma, which operates in the entire universe, functions similarly in human life. We need to contemplate that it is the functioning of this law that essentially shapes our destinies.

9. The Law of Karma

We need to contemplate that it is by the functioning of this law that essentially shapes our destiny. And as we travel through the series of lives, the cycles of rebirth and reincarnation, bestows upon us the time for the accomplishment of the Law of Karma and also in the process provides us with infinite prospect for the development of our power, awareness and proficiency which would finally divulge our divine nature. Although, sometimes when there is unpleasant occurrence or event, then also we need to understand that somehow knowingly or unknowingly the law of Karma has been violated and there is a need for change of direction and for acting in harmony with the law.


10. The Universal Laws Apply

Although true enlightenment may only be attained by realising, perfecting and mastering our individual mechanism of thoughts, desires and actions, we need to keep in mind that our daily life as humans, which exists in the physical, mental and emotional podium regards the law of karma as does the entire universe.