Go Loca With Vodka: 10 Things You Can Do With Vodka That Don’t Involve Drinking It

These Ten Things You Can Do With Vodka Will Blow Your Mind

You may have used vodka to get wasted. You may have used vodka to stereotype women. You may have even used vodka to impersonate a Russian accent. Whatever your relationship with vodka has been so far, prepare to be blown away. Here is a list of ten interesting things you can do with vodka while being completely sober.

1. Clean Your Bathroom With Vodka

Vodka Can Be Used As A Bathroom Cleaner

You can use a cheap bottle of vodka to clean pretty much any surface! This is because of the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of vodka. Just pour the vodka onto the caulking in your bathroom and let it sit for awhile before scrubbing it off. It helps remove stains and mold. You can also use it to clean bathroom showers, bathtubs, and mirrors.

2. Use It To Remove Anything Sticky

Vodka Can Be Used To Remove Sticky Stuff

Vodka can be used to remove sticky stuff from walls, doors or other objects. This is because the vodka helps dissolve the adhesive making it easy to remove. If you have trouble peeling off a band-aid, soak the area in some vodka and try again after about a minute. Another useful hack is to use vodka to remove the ugly goo left behind on a surface when something sticky has already been removed. Just use a rag cloth soaked in vodka and scrub the surface.

3. Use Vodka As A Disinfectant

It Can Be Used As A Disinfectant

You can use vodka as a disinfectant to sanitize your silverware, scissors or shaving blades. Just let the objects to be disinfected sit in a bowl of vodka for a few minutes and wash them with water before using them. Apart from killing the germs, it also keeps them from rusting. You can even disinfect and clean your eyeglass using a neat cloth and a few drops of vodka.

4. Use Vodka On Stinky feet

 Vodka As A Remedy For Stinky Feet

Are your feet stinky? Keep them soaked in a mixture of water and vodka for a few minutes and then wash. The alcohol in the vodka will kill the germs and fungus that may be causing the stink.

5. Make Your Own Vodka Ice Pack

 DIY Vodka Ice Pack

Mix vodka and water in equal portions and allow it to freeze inside a plastic bag. The vodka will prevent the mixture from getting completely frozen making it perfect to use as an ice pack when you don’t already have one at home.

6. Dry Clean Your Clothes With Vodka

 Use Vodka To Dry Clean Clothes

Does your favorite top smell funny? Use vodka to neutralize the smell in just a few minutes. Spray some vodka onto your clothes and let them dry. Since it’s odorless and colorless, no one will notice. Your top should be ready to use in no time.

7. Use Vodka On Skin And Hair

 You Can Use Vodka On Skin And Hair

Vodka can act as an astringent and help in cleansing your face and helps tighten pores. Use a cotton ball with a few drops of vodka and dab directly onto your skin. Remember to moisturize later as the alcohol can dry out your skin. Add a few drops of vodka into your bottle of shampoo. It can help decrease dandruff and clear toxins from your scalp.

8. Use It For Baking Pies

Vodka Can Be Used In Pies

You may have heard of vodka infused gummy bears but you may not have heard that vodka can be used for baking pies! According to Caroline Wright, author of ‘Twenty-dollar, Twenty-minute Meals’, vodka can help make the crust perfectly flaky.

9. Vodka As Mouthwash

Vodka Can Help Kill Oral Bacteria

You can use vodka as a mouthwash as the alcohol helps kill the bacteria in your mouth. If you have tooth pain, vodka can help with that too as it helps temporarily numb the affected area.

10. Vodka Air-Freshener

You Can Use Vodka As Air-freshener

Mix vodka with a few drops of your favorite essential oils in a spray bottle and use as an air-freshener. You can use this mixture on stinky shoes!