6 Lesser-Known Uses Of Sugar

Sugar is often used as a sweetening agent in various foods across the world. This is its more obvious claim to fame. Its taste not only makes it an important ingredient in the preparation of sweets but also, makes it an important caramelizing agent in various dishes. However, sugar has been found to be useful beyond the kitchen and all around the house. It is not just a sweetening agent but has multiple uses when it comes to regular, everyday chores around the house as well. Here are six lesser-known uses of sugar that we all can benefit from.

1. Keep Your Roses Fresh For Long

Add sugar and a little vinegar is to the water to maintain roses

If you are already surprised, get ready to be wowed by sugar. It can help you keep your roses fresh and beautiful for a longer period of time. Whenever your loved ones bring roses for you, make sure you put the bouquet in a vase. It, of course, enhances the beauty of the room but not for long as roses dry and wither away easily. In such a situation, sugar can help! All you need to do is add a little sugar in the water of the vase where the roses are decorated. Put a little vinegar as well along with sugar. This will help in lengthening the duration of the bouquet to stay fresh and lovely.

2. Keep Baked Foods Fresh

Add sugar to the container in which bakes foods are kept

If you are not sure how to keep those pastries and other baked foods fresh for a longer period of time, sugar can help. Simply place a few cubes of sugar in the closed conservation boxes where you store the baked foods. You can also help keep cheese fresh for long in this manner.

3. Remove Grease From Your Hands

(Add sugar to the hand wash to wash greasy hands.

Removing grease from your hands can be quite a problem. To remove those fatty, stubborn stains and black grease from the hands, sugar can be of great help. Add a little sugar to your hand wash and rub well. The grease will pour down and after washing it off with water, you have your hands all clean.

4. Remove Grass Stains From Your Clothes

Green grass stains do not go away easily from our clothes. In fact, we all end up wasting time while trying to remove those stains. Next time you are out in the garden and return with your clothes stained with grass, just make a paste of sugar and water and rub it on the stained spots. Leave the paste on for half an hour before putting your clothes for wash. Once dried, you will see all stains disappear.

5. Grow Healthy Plants

Sugar added to the soil can keep plants healthy.

Sugar has been found to be very useful in growing healthy, disease-free plants. Weeds and harmful diseases can affect the health of the plants you grow. What you can do to grow them healthy is sprinkle a little sugar in the soil from time to time. When you do this, bacteria and other germs stay away and the soil stays free from harmful germs that might attack the plants.

6. Keep Those Insects Away From Your Garden

Place a plastic vial with a mixture of sugar in boiling water and pepper to keep insects away.)

True that insecticides and pesticides will keep insect infestation away, but when you have a natural alternative available, why not follow it? Harmful chemicals present in pesticides and insecticides can cause a lot of damage to our health as well. Bees and mosquitoes cannot be kept away all the time, so use sugar to help your plants grow without the intrusion of flying insects. To use sugar effectively in keeping insects out of your garden, just boil two cups of water with half a cup of sugar and a little black pepper. Let this mixture cool down and pour it into a clean plastic vial. Place this in the garden and insects will not fly towards your plants again.