The Unbelievable Uses Of Alcohol: From Cleaning To Healthy Living

Rubbing alcohol is an effective remedy for cleaning and healthy living purposes

You must have heard of people using alcohol to clean a cut or a wound to reduce infection. Have you ever wondered the reason behind it? Alcohol is a powerful disinfectant and can be used in many ways, especially in household cleaning and cosmetics. It has been found that alcohol and its effects on household cleaning can range from killing germs to beating bugs as well. Read on to find the versatile ways you can treat your home with alcohol.

1. Elimination Of Bed Bugs

Spraying rubbing alcohol removes bed bugs

Most of us know how difficult it is to remove those irritating bed bugs found in furniture, mattresses, blankets, and many other types of textile. However, rubbing alcohol has proved to be a very effective solution to destroy these parasites. Just take some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it over the the affected areas like beds, mattresses, pillows, etc. Repeat the process twice every day until a week or so for complete removal of these bugs as they lay eggs and reproduce quickly.

2. Removal Of Lice

Rubbing alcohol helps kill lice on the scalp and hair.

Rubbing alcohol can help in killing lice as well. All you need to do is take a spray bottle, fill it with rubbing alcohol and add a few drops of lavender oil to it. Sit outside on a lawn or on in the backyard and apply this mixture on the scalp and hair. Gently massage for while and then, comb your hair to remove all the dead lice.

3. Cleaning The Ears

Rubbing alcohol helps in eliminating ear wax.

Many of you must be using cotton swabs to clean your ears. Although you might be believing the fact that they clean your ears well, it is actually a harmful way to clean the ears as the wax penetrates deep inside the ear canal when you use cotton swabs. Instead of this process, you can opt to use rubbing alcohol with white vinegar to clean your ears. All you must do is pour rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in a cup and dip the cotton swab in it. Drop the mixture into your ears and the wax will eliminate on its own.

4. Clearing Of The Skin

Rubbing alcohol has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in clearing the skin.)

Using harsh commercial products on the skin has always proved to be harmful. Rubbing alcohol is a powerful soothing agent for the skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can not only disinfect pimples and soothe the skin but also, prevent the formation of new pimples. Apply rubbing alcohol directly on the pimple, but be careful not to use it over and over again on a single day as extended use of rubbing alcohol can irritate the skin as well.

5. Healing Of Herpes Sores

Herpes sores can be treated with rubbing alcohol.

You will surely be surprised to know that about 85% of the population carries the herpes virus, but only a small number of herpes-infected people experience a break-out. The University of Michigan has found that if you apply 70% isopropyl alcohol on herpes sores, you can help in eliminating them completely. If you are experiencing an issue with herpes sores, just apply some isopropyl alcohol on the affected area so that the healing process is quicker and more effective.

6. A Hand Sanitizer

(Rubbing alcohol is an effective hand sanitizer.

Rubbing alcohol acts as an effective hand sanitizer as well. You will be required to prepare a mixture of rubbing alcohol, organic aloe vera gel, and tea tree oil. Take ½ tbsp. of rubbing alcohol, 4 oz. of aloe vera gel, and add several drops of high-quality tea tree essential oil to the mixture. Store this mixture in a sealed bottle and use it as required.

7. A Natural Nail Polish Remover

Rubbing alcohol is a healthier alternative for nail polish remover

The nail polish removers you get in the market can slowly damage your nails in the long run. The fumes of acetone in nail polish removers also lead to nausea. Use rubbing alcohol as an alternative to eliminate polish from the nails. Although it might take a little longer than acetone-based commercial removers, your nails will be protected from damaging.

All you need to do now is get a bottle of rubbing alcohol as an essential home commodity and use it for eliminating bugs, killing germs, and as a healthier alternative for hand sanitizer and nail polish remover as well.