Laugh And Clap Yoga Exercises For Stress Relief

Clapping Yoga:

According to Acupressure, Jin-Shin-do & Sujok systems, our hands have points to cure all diseases and pressing them can result in quick relief. Clap yoga is one of the many practices that prove this. It is an old tradition to clap while singing a song or bhajan (prayer). People escalate their feelings with a clap, which represents joy and can also keep us healthy.


Striking our palms forcefully activates those points and can slowly make us feel better when we down with a disease. This can be experienced at temples where we clap while practicing yoga and it produces specific sound waves that fill the atmosphere with joy. It gives strength to our blood-particles and enhances resistance. People suffering from digestive disorders like constipation, gas, indigestion and loss of appetite, must practice this. Four fingers of your right hand should meet the palm of left hand while clapping, and try to keep the clapping sound uniform. People with back pain, joint pain, rheumatic and neck pain should practice this for 10 minutes daily keeping in mind that fingers should meet fingers and palm should meet palm with every clap. You are sure to feel results in a couple of days.


It works wonders for low blood pressure patients as well. Stand while clapping with both hands, raise your hands and move them in a circular motion from bottom to top. This generates energy and normalizes blood pressure. Clap yoga strengthens our lungs and heart. The best example is people of the Kinnaur tribe, who never suffer from heart and blood pressure problems. We come into a state of meditation in clap yoga and therefore, automatically isolated from anxiety, anger, irritation and lack of concentration, etc.

Laugh Yoga:

There is only one parameter to judge one’s physical heath, mental peace and inner satisfaction; a smile. A happy person is likely to live a longer life. Laughter is also known as “Inner Jogging”. Our ancient sages discovered the importance of Hasya yoga around 6000 years ago. Yoga gurus say that Hasya yoga (Laughter) eases our heart, reduces tension and stress.



Laughter is the best medicine. It rejuvenates our blood circulation, digestive and immune systems. It increases CO2 release from our body and reorganizes our breathing pattern. According to research, almost 600 muscles are stimulated and exercised simultaneously while laughing. Every expert would agree that laughter regulates our inner jogging and keeps us away from all kinds of internal and external pressure including heart problems. It keeps us away from fatigue, mental stress and even physical pain. Laughing hard stimulates the Endophrome; a system that is responsible to keep us away from diseases.

Hasya yoga can also help prevent aging factors such as wrinkles and insomnia, some of the problems that increase with age. This form of exercise requires no extra effort or time. So practice the art of Hasya yoga and reap the benefits of an easy and fun practice. If we realize the significance of laughter, then there will hardly be any reason to visit doctors.