Is This Your Last Pregnancy? You Need To Do These 5 Things NOW!!!

So, both you and your partner have agreed that this is your final pregnancy! We are sure that there are a lot of emotions involved. All your previous pregnancies would have just gone by focusing on being pregnant. Did you have enough time and energy to indulge in any luxuries? If not, this is the time!

It is hard to relax when you have other kids and your work, but it’s OK to give a good excuse for doing all the chores since this is your last time! It is important to make the most out of the last!

Just like the first, your last pregnancy is special. You have to remember the journey of pregnancy forever. If all you beautiful moms feel that this is your last time or so you think it is (winks), here are some things you need to do before your little bub is born. Make it memorable and a little more special.

5 Things To Do If It’s Your Last Pregnancy

1. Take As Many Pictures As Possible

Consider having a pregnancy or a labor photo shoot. Sure you

would have forgotten the memories related to your other pregnancies. If you have not it’s good, but if you had not got enough pictures to remember about your growing bump of your previous babies and forgotten those small details, catch a professional photographer.

You will not regret seeing those growing bump pics and other beautiful pictures captured through your last pregnancy. If you cannot afford professional people, check with friends or family who could do a fun shoot. Dress up all nine months with cute hair do and a lovely wardrobe every time you do the photo shoot.

2. You Need A Baby Shower

Who said baby showers are only for first babies? It is your wish to have a baby shower for all children, especially if this is your last one, should we say any thing more? Pregnant moms deserve the best. So go ahead, don’t wait for approvals from people. Have a fun-filled baby shower to remember. Even the youngest one need a few things that are just theirs!

3. Babymoon Now Or Else…

Go on a babymoon and getaway in the preparation

of the last little wonders’ arrival. It will be splendid. But, seriously, now that you have older kids to take care, find a help and just sneak out on a little trip to take a break from the regular life. Both you and your partner will get time to focus on each other before you begin the journey with another baby.

If you want that extravagant babymoon, take off on a lovely cruise. You can plan a good spa time and room service too. And if your budget is tight, a night at a local inn would be perfect too! The babymoon is only to just pause, reflect, and after all relax before your life changes again once the baby arrives!

4. Do Gender Reveals

If gender reveals had not been the trend during your other pregnancies, it is now! People do all sort of things to reveal the gender. You have your other kids too now. It is perfect to capture their emotions as well to the new arrival’s gender.

5. Timelapse Video Every Week

There will be a time in your life where

you just want to look at those lovely pictures and reminisce. Get a time-lapse video shot or even take weekly pics which shows how your baby bump progresses. Involve your older kids too, they will love to pose along for pics for sure. And when they grow old, these pics will become a treasure trove for them to look at it and marvel.

What are you waiting for? Go on live the dream and make the most of it.