5 Korean Skincare Tips To Include In Your Beauty Regime

With more and more women obsessing over attaining that oh-so-enviable porcelain skin that the Koreans are so famously known for, Korean beauty products are the current darlings of international markets. However, beauty experts are of the opinion that there is more to the Koreans’ pearly-dewy skin than sheet masks and rice water-infused toners. And no, it’s certainly not all about being gifted with good skin genes either.

From a very young age, Koreans are taught to take care of their skin. They follow a specific skincare regime that is as much about topical application of products as about taking care of things beneath the surface like skin circulation and hydration. It is this latter half of their skincare regime that makes all the difference.


So without further ado, here are 5 skincare practices that Koreans follow religiously to ensure that skin beauty starts from the inside.

1. Double Cleansing

Double cleansing helps clear out all the deep-seated junk that collects in our pores


Double cleansing is probably the most important step to the Korean skincare routine and is especially important if you have been wearing makeup. Double cleansing helps clear out all the junk that collects in our pores including the deep-seated gunk that a plain foaming cleanser is unable to do.

The first step is to use an oil-based cleanser. This helps remove dirt and makeup from the top layers of your skin. The second step involves using a foam or a soap-based cleanser that targets the deeper pores to drive out stubborn leftover traces of chemicals and pollutants if any.


2. Skip The Towel

Allow your face to air-dry to avoid the bacteria from your towels.

A lot of us don’t know this but our towels have thousands of bacteria clinging to the surface, even after you wash or dry them. Sometimes, harsh chemicals get left behind in your towels after they’re freshly out from the laundry. For this reason, consider skipping towel drying your skin. Instead, allow your face to air-dry after you’re done with your cleansing. Trust us, it will make all the difference!


3. 10-Second Rule

Applying products on your skin 10 seconds after a cleanse or a shower will allow better absorption.

Now that we’ve covered air-drying your skin instead of using the traditional method involving a towel, let’s get to the one thumb rule that all Koreans swear by. They believe that it’s always best to apply creams, serums, or toners on your skin within 10 seconds of taking a shower or washing your face. The reason? After you cleanse or wash your skin, your pores are open and are automatically more receptive to your skincare products. This will allow for better absorption. The deeper your cream or toner is allowed to go, the better it is for your skin.


4. Skin Massages

Incorporating skin massages while applying facial creams and serums can help boost circulation.

Blood circulation around the layers of your skin is another great way to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The reason why facials are so popular is that they boost blood circulation to your skin. However, you don’t have to spend a bomb on spa services, not if you follow the Korean practice of incorporating mini-massages while applying your skin creams and serums.


Start by focusing on the pressure points in your face. Press down gently on the sides of your temples, between your eyebrows and nose, the cheekbones, the sides of your face, and your jawline. Use your knuckles to massage your skin lightly but vigorously in an upward motion without tugging or pulling your skin too harshly. To ensure you apply minimal friction to your skin, invest in a good silky serum. This way, you will also kill two birds with one stone – applying serum and giving your skin a much-needed boost of circulation!

5. Hang Up Some Damp Towels

Hanging up damp towels in your room can drive out dry air and prevent your skin from drying out.


This trick works wonders in hydrating not just dry skin, but combination skin as well, especially in the winters. After you’re done showering, hang up your damp towels around your room. This acts as a simple air humidifier and brings down the level of dryness in the room.