Did You Know What Exactly Your Midwife Helps You With?

As your due date approaches, you are probably more focused on what will happen during the labor but missed out on what follows afterward. Your midwife does quite a few things after delivery. Here are all the procedures and things your midwife would do after you deliver the baby.

Helps You Deliver The Placenta

The third stage of labor is delivering the placenta. If you have a vaginal birth, after pushing your baby out, you still got the job of delivering your placenta. A managed placenta delivery is when your midwife gives an injection drug called Syntocinon or syntometrine at the top of your thigh after you deliver the baby. You would be too busy giving birth that you might even miss getting the shot. You can also opt to push the placenta out naturally.


Your midwife would examine the placenta to check if there are any parts left inside the uterus. They will also check the color, position of the umbilical cord. If you choose to take it back home to plant in your garden or make it into smoothies or pills, it will be given when you return back home.

Cut The Cord

If you are for delayed cord clamping, it might take a while. But your midwife will ask your partner to do the honor of cutting the cord if you wish to do it right after delivery. Cutting the cord would feel like cutting through a wet rope.


Apgar Scoring

Right after your little one comes out, this is the first ever test – The Apgar test. The midwife will do a quick check on the baby. The heart rate, color, breathing, muscle tone, and the reflex response would be scored. This test is done within one minute after the baby is born and repeated at five minutes after birth. Usually, the baby is scored out of ten to check if they need any immediate treatment. Scores seven and above are usually considered healthy

Gives Vitamin K Injection For The Baby

A rare bleeding disorder called hemorrhagic disease can be prevented if this Vitamin K injection is given. If you have discussed this in detail before birth with your midwife, this is given after birth.
If you had opted for Vitamin K given by mouth to the baby, more doses might be needed later.


Skin-To-Skin With Baby

The first skin-to-skin cuddle will be encouraged by your midwife. This has a lot of benefits for the baby and it helps you bond with the baby too. Enjoy the first few quiet moments with your little bub

Weighs The Baby

This is the question you first ask after you deliver the baby – what’s the weight of the baby? The midwife checks the weight of your baby to put it on the record. Baby’s weight is measured in pounds and ounces. Also, the midwife will check if your baby has all ten fingers and toes.


Stitches If Required

The attention is now back to you. You need stitches in your nether regions after birth, if you have had an episiotomy or tear. The area will be numbed with an injection and the stitches are given. Advice on the healing will also be given when you are discharged.

Makes Tea And Toast

The first post-birth meal experience you would have is the tea and toast. It is the most delicious and unforgettable meal you would ever have.


Does The Paperwork

After you deliver the baby, if you spot your midwife taking notes in the corner, they are busy taking notes for paperwork. The midwife is also responsible for the paperwork after birth.