6 Things You Ought To Know About Your Cervix

Cervical cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the world. Although it used to be one of the causes of death among many American women, widespread and early screenings have reduced the rate by 50%.

Any woman should be aware of how each organ in her body is necessary for health and wellbeing. The cervix and its functions are not known by many. Here are 6 things you didn’t know about the cervix.


1. Position Of The Cervix Isn’t Constant

cervix changes position in women

Throughout the menstrual cycle, the female body in general and the reproductive organs, in particular, undergoes specific changes. The position of the cervix also varies depending on your cycle. During menstruation, it lies low and feels firm to touch. It even opens up a little to allow blood and uterine lining to flow from the womb to the vagina. After bleeding, it descends and hardens up.


As you inch closer to ovulation, it ascends above the vagina and feels soft to touch. Once the egg is released it drops further down and hardens up for menstruation.

2. It Can Influence Your Sexual Pleasure

changes in the cervix and sexual pleasure


Many women are not too sure why penetration sex can be uncomfortable and pleasurable on different days of the month. This is due to the change in position and consistency of the cervix over an average menstrual cycle. Knowing your safe and unsafe days can help you avoid pain and heighten pleasure during sex.

3. It Helps You Keep Track Of Fertility

cervical changes and fertility


If you are one the many women who are trying to conceive, then you should be aware of cervical changes. On your most fertile days, your cervix feels higher and softer. Usually, it happens midway through your cycle. This is the best time to indulge in an active baby-making session with your significant other.

4. It Releases The Versatile Cervical Mucus

cervical mucus in egg-white consistency


The cervix and vagina are filled with glands that secrete fluids. The cervical mucus is antimicrobial in nature and prevents the onset of any genital infections. Its consistency keeps changing in an average menstrual cycle and its egg-white consistency is the best for sperms to swim. It even increases when you are sexually aroused and acts as a natural lubricant during coitus.1

5. It Plays A Crucial Role In Pregnancy

the importance of cervical mucus plug during pregnancy


All through your pregnancy, the cervical mucus forms a plug that seals the growing baby within from any external entities. When your due date approaches, not until the mucus plug falls off your baby can come out. During labor, the cervix opens up to 10cm or more according to the size of your baby’s head. As the baby moves through the cervix into the vagina, the cervix dilates even further. It returns to its normal size within a week’s time after delivery.

6. It Changes With Age

cervix changes with age and after menopause


Like almost everything in the human body, your cervix also changes with age. In post-menopausal women, there’s no production of estrogen and progesterone. This leads to decrease in cervical mucus and vaginal dryness. Consult a gynecologist if the dryness becomes increases.2

It’s essential that you are aware of the health status of your cervix. If you experience immense pain during sex, excessive bleeding and vaginal discharge or pelvic pain, consult your doctor immediately to rule out any chances of cervical cancer. A Pap smear test will be done as a part of cervical cancer screening. Don’t ignore any symptoms as you could be allowing cancer to spread.3