Kidney And Liver Detox: Yoga And Recipes

Kidney And Liver Detox: Yoga And Recipes
Kidney And Liver Detox: Yoga And Recipes

I have some bad news – your juice cleanse may not actually be detoxifying your body. Why? There are two types of toxins, those tangible and those intangible.

Types of Toxins

Tangible toxins: These are the ones we can see and touch, most often found in certain foods and environmental pollutants.

Intangible toxins: These are engendered by emotion. They are said to each be processed by a particular organ, just as your body would process a tangible toxin. Fear, for instance, is processed by the kidneys, and stress by the liver, just as it processes alcohol, cheese, and other delights.

Combining Yoga and Recipes To Detox Liver and Kidneys

It is important to use a combination of techniques to cleanse your system and make sure that it is running in optimal form, which at I.AM.YOU., means yoga, nourishment, and mindset.

At I.AM.YOU., I created 360 degree solutions so you can be clean and strong from the inside, out and outside, in. We use food as medicine to both cleanse and strengthen the most important organs, and some simple yoga poses as a tonic to get things

on their way.  Let’s take a look and get on our Detox to Retox™ way.

Kidney And Liver Detox: Yoga And Recipes


The kidneys work closely with the endocrine system to filter, reabsorb, and secrete. They regulate the reabsorption of glucose and amino acids, thus playing a role in recovery, growth and development of organs and health. By producing urine, they secrete the body’s waste and balance body fluid metabolism. Here is a Detox to Retox™ Kidney Recipe to make them strong and clean.

Detox to Retox Kidney Quinoa Salad

  • Chop a white onion, a large carrot, a stalk of celery, a handful of parsley, and cup of chives.
  • Mix into two cups of cooked quinoa, either red or white.
  • Add a can of Kidney Beans.
  • Toss with the Kidney Detox Dressing below.
  • Serve as a side or main dish, perhaps even with a filet of salmon.

Dressing: Finely dice a clove

of garlic. Whisk together with a tablespoon of Dijon Mustard, Olive Oil, and Red Wine Vinegar.

Detox to Retox Kidney Yoga

Try these two poses together in your general yoga practice or simply as a one-off wherever you are, whenever you may need a pick me up.

Kidney Draining Backbend: Start laying on the ground, face down.  Take your arms out to the side, making a 90 degree angle between your body and your arms, and again in the bend of your elbows. On an inhale lift everything up, floating your torso, legs, and arms in this almost full rectangle shape up into the air. Hold here 3-10 breaths through the nose. Repeat as you need and like.

Old School Wheel: This pose is another great one for the kidneys. Place your hands by your ears and feet on the floor hip distance apart, knees bent. On an inhale, lift everything up. Let your neck relax and breathe here 3-10 breaths. If your back hurts stick to the first pose.

Kidney And Liver Detox: Yoga And Recipes

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Liver Detox

The liver is the largest internal organ and gland of the body. It is responsible for digestion, metabolic function, and detoxification, among other things. It is the body’s only producer of bile, essential for digestion. Here is a Detox to Retox™ Kidney Recipe to make them strong and clean.

Detox to Retox Liver Salad

  • Chop a head or romaine lettuce and put aside in a bowl.
  • Add in 4 stalks of chopped asparagus, a cup of cooked broccoli, and chopped beets.
  • On the side, bring 4 large artichokes to a boil. When they are tender, take them out of the water. Peel of the leaves and save them to eat later, or eat as an appetizer.
  • Scoop out the artichoke hearts and add to the salad.
  • Toss with the Liver Detox dressing below.
  • Serve as a main alongside the artichokes or alone.

Dressing: Finely dice a clove of

garlic. Whisk together with the juice of one squeezed fresh lemon and ample olive oil.

Detox to Retox Liver Yoga

Try these two poses wherever you are and whenever you think your liver needs a boost.

Chair Twist: Start standing, feet touching. On an inhale bend your knees and take your arms up. Exhale, twist to the right, bringing your left elbow outside your right knee, thumbs to sternum and palms touching. Breathe here 5-10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Squat Twist: Start in a Chair pose as noted above. Bend your knees even further until your thigh bones are parallel to the floor and you are hovering on the balls of your feet. If your heels don’t touch the ground do not worry – mine don’t either. On an inhale twist to the right, bringing the left forearm outside the right thigh. Lift the right arm up and look at the thumb. Breathe here 5-10 breaths and repeat on the other side.